Hi everyone! I thought I’d share with you how I do my eyebrows. I shave them off using an electric razor so I can draw them how I like. But, more recently I’ve had a style down that I do regularly. They aren’t always even, but I try my best. Even if they aren’t even, the thicker the brows are the less likely it will be noticed. The thinner they are however, the easier it will be to spot the unevenness. I can’t ever draw them symmetrically, and they will not be symmetrical in this video. So any comments like, “They aren’t even,” yeah, you are absolutely right. They are not even.

I start with the ‘Rimmel Soft Kohl 061 Jet Black Liner Pencil’ and make lines at the start of the brows. I use my pinkie finger to try and make sure they are even. I then continue upward with short quick motions to about the point where I make the arch. I then start at the bottom of the beginning point and do the same. I then lightly fill that in and do the same with the other brow.

If I mess up, I just use a tissue or my finger to help clean the area up. If you want the edges sharp, a makeup remover will be useful. Sometimes it looks better with having softer edges so it’s up to you to determine.

Now, I could stop here if I wanted it to be light, but I can make it darker with some eyeshadow. I am using ‘NYX ES01 Black’ with an ‘Ecotools’ angled brush to fill it in and make it darker. Or, I could use a gel or liquid liner and go over the area to make it even darker. Though, I haven’t done that in such a long time.

So, that is how I do my standard, every, or most everyday, eyebrows. I will also have a tutorial on this basic makeup style. It is not too heavy on the black and just uses it at the edges of the eye. Be sure to check that out if you are interested. There will be an annotation and a link in the description to that tutorial when it is posted. [Simple Makeup Tutorial] Thank you so much for watching!

Additional Info

I’ve had so many questions about my eyebrows. Even people saying ridiculously funny things too like they were digitally applied. So, I did a tutorial dedicated to my standard eyebrow look.

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