“Trust in science.” This is a phrase we’ve heard a bit too often, especially in 2020. The idea that science can never be wrong, and is right 100% of the time and we should bow down to it makes it sound a bit like a cult, right? Well, science is actually a religion for many people, especially proclaimed public health experts. There are many parallels between today’s science and religion.

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Let’s first define religion. It is the human observation of ancient scripture that was supposedly written by God or people who heard the voice of God. Religion tells people the right way to live, and if veering off that path, there will be consequences. It teaches that God often judges others for their wrongdoings, so you better follow the word without question. If you do question the word of God or his teachings, you will be cast aside. People often follow religion without question since they have fear implanted into them of what will happen if they veer off the path to righteousness.

Science on the other hand is the human observation of the world and life. It tells people what is healthy and unhealthy for them. World leaders use it to set rules, such as strict lockdown measures, social distancing recommendations, and mask mandates. Science also can differentiate those who follow what they’re told, and those that think for themselves. Listen to the science, and trust it in, or else you’ll be labeled anti-science and cast away. If you question science, you are anti-science, because science on certain topics is settled, end of discussion. People often follow the science without question since they have fear implanted into them of what will happen if they think for themselves. From the sound of it, religion and science are pretty much the same, which they are.

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Science can be easily corrupted and exploited by humans to fulfill an agenda. If a scientific study is done, there is always a goal of the study. If the goal is to find a link between a chemical and a certain physiological condition, a link will be discovered even if tampering is involved to prove the outcome. Likewise, if the purpose of the study is to disprove a supposed link, the study will be done with this intention to find that desirable outcome. Many times science is manipulated to fool the masses who are unable to read scientific journals and studies and actually look at alternative and independent researchers that haven’t been funded by the pharmaceutical industry and companies looking to prove their toxic drugs and chemicals are safe. They will go to great lengths to make sure the desirable outcome is reached no matter what.

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Humans are narcissistic creatures. They think they are always right, which is why the term “trust in science” has come to be. It comes from people who think humans cannot make mistakes and are perfect, flawless creatures, and so are their observations. Those who have fallen for the science religion have been duped by a false prophet who wants everyone to listen and follow the rules or there would be serious consequences. But no one talks about the fact that tomorrow could bring about a new discovery that forever changes our world and proves that the way science has been conducted for years has been flawed from the beginning.

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Science is the new religion. True and real science isn’t funded by a corrupt agency looking for a desirable outcome to prove their toxic drugs are safe. Rather, true and real science is questioning anything and everything and realizing that science is never truly settled. Always think outside the box and question everything you hear. Do your own research and cross reference it with the official narrative. Look at independent studies with no corporate funding or conflicts of interest. You may just find that the official narrative doesn’t match that of the real science.

Let me know how this works for you. Have a great day!

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Over the years I’ve discovered that science is the new religion of our time. It shares many characters of a religion and is very similar. I think science is so important to look at, but we have to know what is good and what is junk, quack science. Much of the mainstream science found in major journals and the mainstream media are all propaganda pieces that are funded by drug makers with conflict of interest. These should be immediately dismissed. Look instead at studies that don’t receive government or corporate funding and are independent and have no conflicts of interest. That is much more truthful science that often has a different outcome.

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