Have you been told that you were born to fail? That you cannot amount to much and will never succeed? Perhaps that you have to follow a certain set of rules to actually be successful, usually determined by your parents as you try to live up to their standards? If so, you are not alone. Many people are raised this way and society says that unless we follow a set of rules, we cannot be successful. We are told that just 1% of people succeed. So how can you be that 1% and actually accomplish your goals and desires?

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If you are constantly thinking that you are a failure, the first place is to look at the root cause of this behavior. Usually this is due to your parents and society. If you grew up comparing yourself to others and think the only way to be successful is to go to college and get perfect grades, and also please your parents and do what they want you to do, pursuing the career they want you to pursue, then you don’t quite know what success actually is.

Society makes you feel like the lowest of the low. This is designed on purpose to cause a state of fear and intimidation within your mind that prevents you from pursuing what you truly desire. With what your parents, friends, and even society tells you, doubt begins to form within your mind as you are unsure if you can actually succeed with your goals. All this happens because people who are perceived as more successful than you make rules for you to follow, as they can ignore them and do as they please. However, it doesn’t have to be like this.

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If you feel like a failure because of others, which oftentimes it is, then you will need to learn to let that go. Other people do not determine who you are, what you should do, nor how you should feel about yourself. Only you control this. So failure simply isn’t an option. Failure, or rather perceived failure, exists to help you learn and grow to be the best you can be, learning from your mistakes so you can better your life.

Failure is success in progress

Learning to take negative remarks from others as constructive criticism is also key. When we embark on a new path, we will often hear from others, “That will never work,” or, “You will never be successful and profitable from this.” Instead of listening to this and thinking to yourself that they are right and you shouldn’t try, or ignoring it, instead listen to what they have to say and tell yourself, “How can I make it work? How can I be successful with this?” The answers will come to you in time. Instead of giving up or quitting, keep going and see what you can learn in the process. Life is about making mistakes and learning, since that’s where the most learning can be had. So keep pushing through, making mistakes, and learning from them to better your own life and become more successful.

If you feel as though you were born to fail, learn that this mindset often comes from others. No one else has any right to tell you how to live your life, or how you should feel about yourself. Stand up for yourself, take a bold move and start today, right now, at making a difference in the world and accomplishing your dreams and desires, and make mistakes and learn from them. You will be the ultimate success by following these techniques.

Let me know how this works for you. Have a great day!

Additional Info

I thought I was a failure for so long, but I learned to get myself out of this mindset. I was controlled by others, thinking I could never amount to much since I didn’t follow the standard rules to success. I began to think I failed and I couldn’t deal with that. But since I am someone who never gives up, I stayed determined and kept pushing through no matter how hard it was, and learned from my mistakes and became stronger and successful.

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