The girl wanted to go.
She did, she really did.
But, it was too late for her.
I don’t know why.
And you tell me, five things.
It’s time!
Yes, it is!
For time.
It is what?
Tell me a story.
Just once more.
You will get it one day.
For once, I would like you to not speak.
Go ahead.
As I lay down to rest, I think about my past lives.
Today is the day.
And tell me, why would you want such a thing?
Yes, we will.
I said to you one too many times.
And then we try again.
Why do such a thing?
I was forced.
But then what?

Additional Info

I spent so much time on this video, but I thought it turned out better than expected. I asked people to interpret the meaning of the story, but what is the true meaning? Well, in all honesty it doesn’t have one. It’s whatever the interpreter thinks it is. All I simply did was film various scenes and compiled it together. While editing and watching it back, I noticed a story. It was quite fascinating what my mind came up with. I just went with it and made something unique. Though, I was terrified about uploading it. For some reason I thought people would hate it.

Regardless, I added a lot of different effects to the video, trying out different things. Also, this video was the first I did at a high frame rate. I recorded some scenes in 60FPS and ran it at 48fps or slowed it down to 24fps while keeping the other footage at 24fps. I was aware that YouTube was going to soon support high frame rate content (above 30fps), and was hoping it was going to be before this video was released. Sure enough, practically like the day before I uploaded this video, YouTube allowed for high frame rate content. As a result, I think it turned out great as the high frame rate certainly adds to the effect of the video.

As for the voices in the video, well all I did was type up what came into my mind. These were the voices I heard in my own head and I wrote them down and recorded me saying them in different tones. Then, I edited the music and voices and made it sound especially creepy and awesome! In 2015, I came out with part 2.

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