YouTube sent me a special gift in the mail! It is a heavy box with ‘thank you’ written in different languages.

YouTube Gift Box

Inside the box is artwork from four different artists, Sareka Unique, William Santiago, Liunic, and El Boum, as well as a brief description of them. Even the inner box and envelope has all four of their designs incorporated into it.

There is a thank you letter from YouTube that thanks me for using their platform and connecting with people. And the main gift is the sweatwear from one of the artists. I got the one from William Santiago that is multi-colored and has a house and a silhouette of a person. Definitely not my style, but it’s a nice design and I will be wearing it around the house on cold days!

Months prior in the summer I was invited to join pride bingo and actually won a prize! I never heard of any of the other creators but a thankful for the opportunity. A few months later, I get an email from YouTube stating that they would like to send me a present in the mail, and I had to put in my mail address and pant and shirt size. Knowing it was clothing, I waited and it arrived a week before Christmas.

YouTube Pride Dinner

I am grateful for the gifts, so thank you YouTube for sending to me!

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