Your memory is important and vital, and with a good memory, you’ll be able to be more knowledgeable and learn more efficiently. However, many people these days have an incredibly short attention span, as well as a poor memory. The human attention span has drastically been reduced due to usage of technology. Those who constantly use their phone have a hard time concentrating and focusing for more than a few seconds. Everything will distract them as their mind is incapable of staying calm and focused.

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So, the first thing when it comes to improving your memory, cut out the distractions. Cut out the technology and reconnect with your true self. Spend time in nature, with your own thoughts, even just meditating in your own room with the phone off for a few minutes can make a huge difference. The moment you can get rid of the distractions and be able to focus, the more your memory will improve, but this has to come first.

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Next is to put emotions into something you want to remember. Memories with emotions stay with you longer than those that don’t. For example, traumatic memories from the past will often stick with the person much easier than ones of light happiness because there is more energy in negative emotions. So, when you want to remember something, put a strong positive emotion behind it. Associate it with something you’ve experienced before so you can remember it easier. Any sort of association will help you remember easier.

Practice visual memory. This works best for strings of numbers or characters, but can be used for anything. Close your eyes and see the words, numbers, or patterns in your mind and practice your visualization skills to stick it to memory. You will be pleasantly surprised that once you practice this enough, you’ll be able to remember things easier just by visualizing a pattern.

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And lastly, eat a healthy diet. This one will allow your physical body and brain to be healthier to remember things. Eat foods that are healthy for your mind and body and your memory will be sharper and you’ll be able to focus easier. Alzheimer’s disease is a memory impairment disease that often affects older people, and it’s often linked to a buildup of aluminum in the brain, so look for clean foods that are free of this toxic metal, and even consume silica to help get rid of it. Mercury is another metal that destroys memory, so consume healthy organic foods that’ll be free of these metals that are destroying your memory.

Memory is vital to learning and growing. Our memory may be wrong at times, we will forget things, even have false memories of things that never happened, but by eating healthy and practicing various techniques, our memory can improve and we can be happier and healthier.

Let me know how this works for you. Have a great day!

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I’ve usually had a pretty good memory, but I’ve also learned how to focus and visualize over the years that has allowed me to visually see in my mind what I should remember. Certainly as I get older, it’ll be harder to remember things, but keeping it in shape when your young is very important to growing old with a healthy memory. I’ve found that distractions are one of the biggest obstacles when it comes to being able to remember. So, once you put down that phone and learn to focus, it’ll improve. Unfortunately, much of the younger generation today has been conditioned into using phones and technology so much that their brain is fried from such a young age as they are addicted. Getting out of this is difficult, but it is possible if you want to reclaim your memory.

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