Otherkin are people who identify as non-human. They often feel like they are animals, angels, demons, aliens, and other mythological creatures. They may physically change their body to match how they feel on the inside, behaving and acting like the creature they identify as. Otherkin is a relatively small community and many feel isolated and unable to express how they feel. However, there may be a greater mental aspect to this that many are missing.

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Some people like to compare otherkin to transgender. The only comparison that can be made is that both identify as something they were not born as and transition and alter their body and personality to fit how they identify. Transgender is transitioning from one sex to the other, but remaining human. Otherkin is identifying as outside the human realm and changing oneself to be this non-human entity.

Many people also compare the mental struggle of someone who identifies as otherkin to someone who is transgender. The comparison can be made to a degree since they both can have a troubled past, the inability to accept themselves, and the need for escapism, but they are very different.

When it comes to otherkin, some may describe it as a mental illness. The reason should be quite obvious for most people, that you cannot be something you’re not. A human can never be anything but a human. No amount of body modification will achieve this. If someone identifies as a non-human, thinking they can change into the entity they identify as, they will be disappointed since there is no way to change who they are to that degree.

Hatred of oneself, the need for escape, and denial are all major aspects of various mental disorders, and those who are otherkin may fit this criteria, and are needing to escape their daily life and seem unique because of what happened to them in the past. This is where the mental disorder aspect comes into play since those who escape reality will never be happy with themselves, no matter what they do. Anyone who is otherkin who thinks of themselves as anything but human is in a state of denial where they cannot accept the life they have lived thus far. They may feel that human life is so bad that they need to escape from it to be something else. If that is the case, then seeking help to get to the root of the issues and why they are needing to escape is ideal and will help the person accept who they really are.

Escapism can blind our views and limit perspective

However, since we discussed transgender individuals earlier, this is also similar since the transgender person has to realize they are transitioning not for the reason of escaping and denying their birth sex, usually due to past traumatic events. Rather, they are changing because they truly are and identify as the gender they are transitioning to. But, they should still accept the reality that no amount of surgeries or hormones will truly make them a cisgender person. Much like otherkin, there is no way to change into a non-human, and the process would be theoretically impossible. Those who accept that they are human and can never change it tend to be better off since they may not struggle as much as those who reject the person they are and need to escape from human life.

The other thing to mention is the spiritual aspects of otherkin, and this one tends to make a bit more sense. Since every living thing is connected via the collective unconscious, and if we’ve even lived a past life as an animal, then it’s possible the human mind is picking up on how we once lived in the past, or tapping into the collective unconscious with various animal spirits. However, we can never become those animals in our current life since we are here as humans. We live a human life. We are born and die a human, and nothing can change this. Coming to this realization first, stepping out of denial and the need to escape, is the ideal scenario for those who are experiencing the need to be a non-human.

Let me know how this works for you. Have a great day!

Additional Info

This was a tough topic to cover since I knew some people who’ve tried to compare this with transgenderism. They are vastly different, but there are some overlapping similarities. With otherkin, the part where the mental illness comes into play is when the person tries to alter their body and believes they are a non-human entity. I cannot say I know anyone like this or have even met any.

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