Did you know that most news sources, television and on the Internet, are owned by the same major companies and don’t accurately report the facts? This is referred to as fake news and propaganda. It has been around before the Internet even existed. However, over the years, people have begun to wake up and become aware that they have been lied to. The truth eventually comes out, as it cannot be hidden for long. People are aware and awake and know now more than ever that the news they are consuming is mostly propaganda.

Man is holding smartphone and reading fake news on internet

The whole purpose of fake news and clickbait is to instill fear in the viewer to keep them coming back. Many of these news sources are considered echo chambers, meaning they will present information to you that you want to hear, as opposed to the truth. It’s more comfortable hearing things that align with your perspective. This makes the viewer hate the opposition. If the viewer ever listens to or views opposing news, they will be faced with cognitive dissonance, where they hold one belief but do the opposite. Deep down they may be aware of what’s actually going on, but be in a state of resistance because the news media has caused them to be biased, judgmental, and discriminatory. The whole purpose of the mainstream news media is to segregate people.

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But how can you spot it if you don’t quite know or are on the fence? The first place to start is to drop all mainstream media. This includes most every television news source, as well as online source. Get your news directly from the companies, politicians, and presidents. Don’t go through a third-party since they will misrepresent the story to fit their biased agenda, either more in favor of or against the truth depending on what side they are on.

Fake News on TV

Look for headlines that are clickbait and promote scare tactics. If you read a headline and are in shock right away, even a bit scared, it’s likely propaganda and you should immediately look up alternative news articles about it first, get the truth, then go back to the article to see how mainstream media spun it.

There is one big issue with alternative media, it is difficult to find. Finding alternative news sources tend to be harder to find because they do not have the funding mainstream ones do, and thus will not be suggested. Furthermore, alternative new sources, promoting the facts, are more likely to be censored. However, 2020 brought a shift in the media. Trust in the mainstream media dropped significantly in 2020, and alternative news sources began to become more mainstream. Alternative news sources will displace the mainstream ones over the coming years.

So how do you know that you are consuming fake news? If it’s the mainstream media, it’s very likely altered in some way to instill fear and make you believe a false narrative. The reason for this is how you react and become biased or even hostile to people who think differently than you. We are all one, and the fake news media is only here to make it seem like we are enemies. If you feel hostile towards your fellow humans, that’s a sure sign you are consuming fake news.

Let me know how this works for you. Have a great day!

Additional Info

I’ve never been a fan of the mainstream media, and thus never paid much attention to it. I see right through their bias and deceptive tactics. It’s all a political game. Democratic news sources bash the republicans, and republican news sources (there are far fewer) bash the democrats. This instills hatred towards the opposition for political gain. While some news articles are telling the truth on mainstream media, it’s often not many. Spotting them can be challenging. I personally use my intuition. If someone seems off, hateful, or even biased, I look for the reason why, and to me it’s clear. Other times it’ll be harder, but all news sources have a bias, as do we. So when they try to make me dislike the opposing side, then I know to view the information carefully and look at opposing views.

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