Negative energy, spirits, entities, demons and whatever else you wish to call them affects our lives and the environment we live in. During a traumatic event, negative energy, fear, and sadness is absorbed into the environment leaving behind a fingerprint of the events that can relive themselves. Furthermore, those who died in traumatic ways are also trapped in the memories of what led up to their death. The environment will absorb this negative energy and play out the events as if it’s happening now. These spirits may also be unable to move on as a result of the trauma they endured.

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Many people are unaware that the energy around them influences how they feel. If we walk into a room of people who are all sad and angry, we can feel their rage and sadness as if it’s our own. If we are empaths, we are in tune with this even more and are highly sensitive to the energy of others.

Furthermore, if we live in a home where a traumatic incident occurred, we may feel off in our own home. Some people have even experienced paranormal activity, making them feel unsafe in their own home. They may not know why, how, or even believe it at first, but the more that happens, the more they realize this is actually happening and isn’t all in their head. Upon further investigation into the property and people who used to live there, startling events may have happened at the location. Often people who have experienced these otherworldly encounters will be witnessing history repeating itself. Spirits of those who were abused and their abuser reliving out in their home and even to them.

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The reason trauma stays in a location is because the environment will soak up negativity, and often the spirit of those who endured the traumatic event will be unable to escape and continuously relive it as if it was their prison. This can also happen to the person who was abusing the individual since they often have hatred and negativity within them, making it impossible to leave the premise. These spirits are unable to leave because they have unresolved issues. They are unable to move on and accept their own death, especially the way it happened. When we die, we return to source consciousness, the collective unconscious that unites us all. However, those who have died traumatically often reject the world and the collective as they feel alone and unable to escape their ultimate fate.

Negative energy from your own life today also absorbs into the environment, and can even attract negative forces to you. This is why it’s so important to resolve your conflicts and learn to let go of negativity you are harboring within you as that could be contributing to further negativity in your life.

So what can you do about negative energy, spirits, demons, and so on? One of the first things to do is to learn to let go of negative attachments in your own life. Recognize things that are weighing you down and release them. Next is to perform a cleansing ritual, not just for yourself, but also the environment. Get a sage smudge stick to help you release the negativity from yourself and the environment. Crack a window and tell the negative spirits and energy to leave as you use the sage on yourself, in each room and corner of your home, and anywhere else that you feel is harboring negativity. And finally, it may even be wise to consult a professional psychic medium that is skilled at cleansing negativity from a location and letting spirits move on. When it’s all done, you will feel a difference in yourself and your home. So recognize how the environment is impacting you before it gets to this point.

Smudging Ritual using burning thick leafy bundle of White Sage

Negativity is absorbed into the environment that can impact your life, so cleanse it so you can live positivity.

Let me know how this works for you. Have a great day!

Additional Info

I never used to be tuned into the negative energy that surrounds me, but once I did my first cleansing ritual with sage, I realized just how many years of negativity had been building up, causing me stress, anxiety, depression, and a slew of other negative emotions. My first cleansing ritual brought such a huge relief to my life and the environment. I can always feel now when negativity is harboring within me or the environment and I cleanse it regularly. It really does work at getting rid of this negativity and bringing positivity into your life. I often feel bad before I begin, but filled with energy and positivity afterwards. It’s remarkable.

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