Many people know who they want to be, but don’t know how to be that person or think it’s unobtainable. So, they perform mundane tasks that get them nowhere in life because they are unable to connect with their true self.

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Your true self awaits. Your true self is the most natural form you can be. However, it’s hidden by the ego. The ego prevents you from being your true, authentic self. Your conscious mind and ego are influenced by the outside world. It absorbs the words of others and prevents you from connecting with who you truly are. A perfect example is when hearing constant negative things on social media, the news, or other sources. Your conscious mind believes all these things to be true and as a result, you doubt yourself and your abilities. You become disconnected from who you truly are and become what you consume, the news media and constant negativity and fear.

It can even be scary to be your true self. You may fear judgement from your family, friends, employer, or anyone else for your personal beliefs. Where there is fear, there is room for growth. So approach fear as a stepping stone to get you to a more positive space. So, you must make your voice heard, no matter how difficult it is. No matter how scared you are, you must stand up and make your voice heard. It shouldn’t matter how people perceive you, but you must stand by what is right.

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Meditation will allow you to get into contact with what you truly believe, past the ego and other distractions of the materialistic world. Meditation allows you to connect with your true self so you can understand what you truly believe, beyond the programming that has been instilled within you from others. Since you are a spiritual being having a human experience, your true self is your spiritual self and has a plan laid out for you. All that’s needed is for you to understand it and trust it.

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To begin a meditation like this, take a few deep breaths and calm the mind. Any intrusive thoughts you have, let them go with each exhale as you bring in positivity with each inhale. As you continue to do this, you may notice thoughts come up, even in different voices, that are doubtful, negative, and disrespectful. These are not who you truly are, but rather the voices of those who want to influence your thoughts and behavior. Those who want to control your life since they feel like you don’t have control. So, breathe into those and let them go with an exhale as your mind relaxes even more. Your true self will be words of positivity and encouragement, words that empower you as it sparks a drive within you. You will know it when you hear it or feel it. This will come to you and there is no need to search for it. Keep practicing this technique and you will start to differentiate between what is holding you back, and what can help you succeed.

Being your true self is cutting through the noise of others and figuring out what you want to achieve in life. Other people do not have a say in what you do with your life. The only person who controls you is you. You’ve had the power and answers within you all this time, so make it shine.

Let me know how this works for you. Have a great day!

Additional Info

As someone who was lost for a while, and thought their life revolved around what others thought of me, I realized that I am so much more than what others perceive me as. I used to determine my worth based on what others thought of me, and as a result, I felt miserable and scared to express who I truly am. I hid from the world as if my own views and opinions didn’t matter. But, this all changed as I grew and learned. I uncovered who I truly was, and what I’m capable of, and thus made the decision to not let others influence what I thought of myself. I stood my ground and spoke my truth, despite how difficult it was. I never give up and always prevail with what I set out to do. Everything is a learning experience and I stand up for what I believe in. That is how you discover your true self.

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