If you get bored easily, without anything to do, you tend to find yourself with free time on your hands that could be used elsewhere and may even lead to destructive behavior. Boredom has impacted all our lives at one point or another, mostly when we are a child, teenager, and young adult. As you age, you tend to be busier and have more things to do. However, you can still get bored.

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Boredom essentially means that you have nothing to do and are not content with your surroundings and have nothing to work on. We get bored for a multitude of reasons, including the inability to manage our time and keep a schedule. If we have a to-do list, and have completed it, we may feel bored afterwards since we’ve already accomplished everything we’ve set out to do.

Boredom can even lead to destructive behaviors, such as drug abuse, alcohol consumption, and negative coping mechanisms. If you have any mental disorder, it’s imperative you keep busy and not find yourself with boredom because you will often feel more anxious, stressed, and have a lower ability to cope, which could lead to negative thoughts and actions.

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Boredom can also occur when we procrastinate too much. How many times have you needed to work on something, only to shrug it off, but then find yourself with nothing to do or are wasting your time on things you don’t need to do? This can happen more times that we would like to admit, which can lead to further stress since we keep putting off important things that need to be done.

So how then can you combat boredom? The most efficient way is to simply keep a to-do list. Make a short list of short term goals to complete today or the next few days, and keep adding to it as they come to you throughout the day. More will often come up as you check others off, and if not, then give it a moment to think of some other things to add.

If you’ve completed everything on the to-do list, then have backup plans for afterwards. How do you keep your mind busy and occupied so you don’t feel bored? Maybe a nice book, online video, educational resources or television show, video game, or meditation and relaxation. Whatever it is, you should always have a plan since boredom is the lack of a plan. You cannot be bored with a plan.

And lastly, stay focused, determined, and dedicated to your goals. There are things you want to accomplish in your lifetime, so how do you go about setting things into motion now to start achieving them? Every small action you make today will have a big impact on your future. So now is not the time to be bored, but rather to stay busy so you can accomplish the dreams you have. Today is that day – not tomorrow, next week, next month, or next year. It’s today that you can put things into motion.

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Remember, there is always something to do. We can always sit and relax for a bit, read a book, absorb educational material, or even meditate. Whatever it is, you can never truly be bored since there are just so many things to do in this vast world.

Let me know how this works for you. Have a great day!

Additional Info

I used to be bored and know the struggle of being unable to get things done. This was brought about by me procrastinating and not focusing on what I really wanted. This is when I realized that this was harming my mental health. I found that being busy helped immensely with my mental health, made me less anxious and stressed, and made me feel good since I was able to be productive and get things done. I have accomplished so much in my life, and I never could’ve done all this if I didn’t stay focused and busy. While I still have time to relax, I no longer feel bored, which has greatly improved my mental health.

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