Do you feel like a victim? Maybe you have dealt with abuse, are a minority, or even bullied by others, making you feel like a victim. I’m going to share with you why you are not a victim and how to reclaim your power that you may have felt was taken from you.

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Having a victim mentality makes one feel like a target for discrimination, racism, and horrendous crimes. When you believe you are a victim, you attract those into your life that will exploit how you feel about yourself and make you a target. So changing how you feel about yourself should be the top priority since how you view yourself reflects your life and what you attract.

While you may be a victim to various forms of discrimination and crimes, this shouldn’t change the way you view yourself. Don’t identify with the label, because you will continue to be victimized.

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Getting out of the victim mindset can be challenging since deep down you know how others have wronged you personally, your community, or people similar to you. You may feel like others are out to get you and harm you. However, that mindset actually draws more hatred to you due to the law of attraction. You are perfectly justified feeling like a victim, but as an adult, you have every opportunity to change how you think to better your life and the life of others.

So, to truly stop being a victim and identifying as the label, start to change your perspective of how you view yourself. Do you think of yourself as a weak individual? Do you think that others are out to harm you? Do you feel that the system has failed you? All of these are valid concerns, and you may answer yes to them. But how do you change it?

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Change is something that happens gradually. The first place to look for answers is within yourself. If you have been walked on by many people, abused and victimized, then pick yourself up and find your inner strength. Be the person you have always wanted to be. If you are a woman and someone said that women cannot hold down a steady job, then prove them wrong. If you are a victim of abuse, and feel that everyone is out to harm you and sabotage your relationships, then prove them wrong and learn to trust others.

The answers always come from within, so take some time to be with your thoughts and rationalize what is and isn’t your core beliefs. Deep down you know that you have the power, but it’s being hidden and masked by other forces that have suppressed your voice. So stand up and make your voice heard. Fight for your rights and freedom. Not physical violence, but use your words, your voice, to make it count towards a good cause to change the world. Do whatever you need to in order to stand up against the victim mentality that has been instilled within you for so long.

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It takes just one person to change the world. You can be that person. If you feel as though you don’t have the power, the truth is that you do. The power and the answers are within you, and have always been within you. The only thing stopping your success is you. So believe in yourself and know that you are an empowered individual, not a victim. You may have been or continue to be a target, but don’t identify with the label and instead rise up above it and feel the true strength you have within you.

Let me know how this works for you. Have a great day!

Additional Info

I have been a victim of abuse much of my life, up until I found my inner strength. When I see others suffering with the same mindset I once did, I know what helped me and tell them that by finding their inner strength, they can truly be happy and confident. It is a difficult process, but deep down these people know they have power. They can change if they know what to fight for and how to go about it. Progress takes time, and I know anyone who feels like a victim can overcome this challenge and rise above the negativity.

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