Hi everyone! Do you have a place to go to relax? Not just a physical place, but a mental place. A place that exists inside your mind that you can go to relax and reduce the stress and anxiety of day-to-day life? This video will aide you in that process. Including how to find a relaxing place in your mind, how to release the buildup of stress and anxiety, as well as sharing my own place that I go to relax.

Essentially we are discussing meditation here. This is the first thing you want to get into so you can relax and go to this place. Meditation is a wonderful tool that can aid you in your overall well-being. I personally find it to be the most beneficial for not only stress and anxiety, but also to help regulate emotions. It can help stabilize your mood and gain better control over the fluctuations.

Anything can be considered meditation, as long as it brings about a sense of calmness and relaxation. Generally, meditation is about being in the moment and letting go of worries, letting thoughts and emotions pass through your mind without holding onto them. The more you meditate, the easier it will become to connect to your spiritual center and who you really are in addition to opening the door to always being in meditative state and seeing the world as such.

You can meditate in any position. Whether it be the traditional lotus position, or lying down. You want to relax as much as possible, but not so much as to fall asleep. If you do, it’s perfectly fine and you can always try again later. Additionally, perhaps even have a place you dedicate to meditation. A room, a place, somewhere that is peaceful and you won’t be disturbed.

Once you have started meditating, any thoughts and emotions that come to you, let them go. If your mind becomes absorbed in a thought, gently bring it back to the mediation. Over some time and with enough practice, it will become easy to accomplish this and be ‘in the moment.’

So then, how do you find a place in your mind you can go to relax? Well, when you are meditating, thoughts and images will come to you. You may even find yourself in a place that you find relaxing. Again, if you find yourself forcing to think of or imagine something, let that go and allow the thoughts and images to flow through your mind.

So, let’s demonstrate now shall we. Close your eyes and give yourself a little bit of time to relax and release any attachments you have. Now, do you see anything, do you hear anything, feel anything? It’s best to be walked through what is going on. So, say to yourself what you want and it will manifest in your mind. For example, imagine, visualize a staircase before you. And, say to yourself, “I see a staircase before me. I begin walking down this staircase and the further I walk down, the more relaxed I become.” Then, you will do as you imagined and will relax, allowing yourself to relax. Ok, you may open your eyes now.

This is exactly the same principle applied to when you are discovering your inner relaxation place. You don’t want to force anything, but you want to manifest images and visuals by allowing. So, walk yourself through the steps on how to get there. If you want something to appear before you, say that you can see this or it comes into existence, and it will.

So, with this in mind, what is your ideal relaxing place like? What can you see? Visualize. How do you enter into this relaxing place, and how do you come back to the outer world? Everyone’s experiences will be different. Remember, this is your own place that is unique to you. No one else will know about it unless you share with them and you are always safe here.

This should be a place that is safe, free from worry, free from the anxieties of day-to-day life. This place should be so that you can be lifted form that entirely. Whenever you are in this place, let go of all stress and tension. Watch it be washed away and removed from your being. Any worries you have, any anxiety, watch it all be lifted from you, watch it all just disappear. Then you will see how much it is weighing you down. You mind and body will be relaxed.

As you continue to go to this place in your mind, it will become more and more vivid, clearer and clearer. Depending on what this place is like inside your mind, you may hear sounds like perhaps birds, water, feel the sun, or the dirt or grass beneath your feet. You will be developing your imagination and visualization skills the more you go into this world.

Whenever you are feeling stressed and need some time to escape, let yourself go and slip into this world. Release all those negative thoughts and emotions, for that is why this world exists inside your mind. If you’re having a panic attack, try and shift your focus from what is making you anxious to this relaxing place to reduce that anxiety. It can become conditioned to aid you in dealing with stress. So, be sure to utilize it when needed.

But as a word of caution though, you do not want to spend so much time in this place that you neglect your outer world, such as friends, family, school, those sorts of things. [Maladaptive Daydreaming] If you are spending too much time absorbed in the thoughts of the mind, it’s time to re-evaluate why you created this world inside your mind. It wasn’t to live in, but rather to release stress and anxiety.

My Inner Relaxing Place

Now, I will share with you all my own place I go to relax and free myself. I am going to close my eyes and go there and walk you through it and describe what I see, hear, and feel. If you are interested, feel free to follow along. [My Meditation Channel]

I begin in a small forest on top of a small hill. And, this forest has a dirt path that leads down, slightly curved to the left. And, as I’m walking down this dirt path I can feel the dirt beneath my feet. And, I can hear the birds in the trees. And, as I continue to walk down, I get to the bottom. And, there is a curve to the right that leads into a very grassy area that has a stream.

I can hear the water in the stream. It is a very shallow stream. And, I can step into the water. And, as I step into the water, I can feel the coolness of the water and the rocks beneath my feet. There is also a small bridge that goes over the stream. And, I can walk across this bridge. It’s a very small bridge and a very small stream. And as I walk across this bridge, the other side is also very grassy and is covered by trees. And, I know that in this place I am completely relaxed and at peace here. And, there are no worries here.

The stream…Shortly after the bridge there is a small waterfall that the stream goes over. And, it is surrounded by trees, jungle. Also, on the other side of the bridge there is a sort of teleportation portal that allows me to come back out of this world. I can come back to myself at any time by going through this portal. And, I know that if I go through this portal, I will wake up. That I will come out of this relaxing place, but I will still feel relaxed and at peace.

So, I will approach this portal. And when I walk through it, I will wake up feeling relaxed. I’m going to walk through it now.

So, that is where I go to relax. If you have been following along, let me know what you all felt. What did you hear, feel, see? How was your experience? Also, let me know what place you have created for yourself to relax and let go completely. Thank you for watching and I hope this video was helpful!

Additional Info

I’ve found that having a place, not only physically but also mentally, where one can let go of negativity, stress, and anxiety, is an extremely helpful and positive coping mechanism. It’s certainly helped me to release a lot of negativity and focus on more positive things. This video was also the first guided meditation I did.

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