Dealing with a relationship is difficult enough, let alone if it’s long distance. If you are in an established long distant relationship and want to maintain it, or your partner is temporarily moving away, then the information I am going to share will greatly help you communicate effectively and maintain your relationship, despite the distance.

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A long distant relationship is defined as a relationship where the two people are unable to meet in person due to geographical differences. Your partner may be in a different city, state, or even country. Many times the term refers to romantic relationships, but can also apply to friendships.

Long distance relationships, especially romantic ones, are difficult to maintain largely because humans, as social creatures, need company from others, especially closeness from a loved one. When you’ve met someone you are romantically interested in, you want to physically be there with them. However, when you are unable to physically be there, it brings about a new dynamic in the relationship that both people have to cope with, and that is distance. How will you handle distance, and how will your partner?

First, there are some benefits of long distance relationships. The main being that it allows you to actually get to know the person, as opposed to just their physical body. Because you cannot physically be there with them, you get the time to talk and understand each other deeper than you could if they were right beside you, at least initially. Another benefit is that it puts your love to the test, meaning that if it was meant to be, and you two are still strong and trust each other despite not physically being with one another, then that puts the relationship to the test to reassure both of you that this is the right person for you.

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The first thing to clear up is what is the end goal? Usually the end goal of a long distance relationship is to eventually meet up and be with the other person. Very few people are fine with a permanent long distance relationship, but they do exist. If your end goal is to meet up and live with each other one day, how will you do it? Is money an issue, job, kids, living situation, cultural and societal differences? What is preventing you? When you know, both of you should develop a plan to get that tackled first, then proceed with meeting up.

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Another topic that should be discussed between you and your long distance partner is seeing other people. Do you both trust each other enough that you know your partner will not be cheating on you when you’re not talking with them? If you cannot trust your partner, then you’ll need to address those trust issues with yourself, your partner, and even a psychologist to get to the root of the issues. Some long distance partners prefer an open relationship, meaning they are open to dating others locally while maintaining the long distance relationship. You will need to discuss all this with your partner to fully understand their needs.

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And finally, the emotions of not being able to be there with your partner, especially during times of need, will be the roughest. Talking on the phone or a video call only goes so far, and knowing that you cannot physically be there with them can make you depressed and sad. This is the hardest challenge of a long distance relationship. But, when you both have a plan in place, and are working diligently at accomplishing what is needed to lead up to meeting, then I can guarantee you that hard times like this will be worth it. Keep pushing through, keep communicating and being open, and most importantly, never lose hope or love for one another.

While relationships themselves are difficult, long distance relationships are one of the hardest. When you have an end goal in sight, both of you must work diligently at it if you want to meet in person. But remember, there are advantages as well, and a strong relationship comes from a strong foundation, which is often tested at long distances.

Let me know how this works for you. Have a great day!

Additional Info

I have met almost all my friends from the Internet, and most of them are from different states or countries. I have even met a few people that could’ve been romantic interests, but nothing ever panned out. Some of my closest friends are from the other side of the world, so meeting them is near impossible. While friendships are different from romantic relationships, it still puts strain on the friendship since you are unable to physically do activities with your friend, and can only explain it to them. However, I’ve personally found, possibly due to being introverted, that I am perfectly capable of making distance a friend and not an enemy. I embrace it and am thankful for the people in my life, regardless of their location.

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