The Ankh is a symbol from ancient Egypt. It is a cross that loops at the top and represents life. The Egyptians thought our lives on this earth was a mere fraction of our total lifespan. In other words, they believed that our existence in this physical domain was just one aspect of our life, and thus, eternal life, though not in the same body, is possible.


The physical body is a vessel for our spirit. It has physical needs, such as food, water, and sleep. Without these, the body would cease to function. Even with proper food, water, and sleep, our bodies decay over time. This is because of free radical damage that permanently affects our physical bodies, and damages our DNA. As we age, it becomes harder for our physical bodies to fight off infections, diseases, and viruses, and harder to absorb vitamins and minerals from our food, thus leading to a decline in health. There is no way to avoid this since it’s the natural process of life and death.

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Our spirits on the other hand, while part of the non-physical domain, does not have physical needs, and thus is not subject to decay over time. Our spirit, much like what the ancient Egyptians believed, is eternal and cannot die, at least not in the sense that we view physical death as. This is what the Ankh represents.

As we differentiate the physical from the non-physical, we can see how life continues after we die, and how we, at the deepest level, essentially live forever. But, do we live just one physical existence, or multiple? The concept of reincarnation has also been an interesting theory for many, largely due to the fact that some of us remember our previous lives as if it was our own. Nevertheless, reincarnation can and does happen.


To understand reincarnation, we should separate our ego from the equation since our ego is strictly of this physical domain that is heavily biased. Reincarnation is essentially the idea that our spirit is reborn into another physical existence to continue with our spiritual growth, to accomplish a physical task, or to experience a different perspective on life. Some of us remember, but most of us forget since the brain in our physical body has no such memory. The only way to get the memory of our past life is through our spirit, and connecting with who we truly are.

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Our spirit knows the answers to our life, and the reason we chose it, yet our ego will be in denial. Our spirit also has the life planned out for us, and what we are set out to do in this physical existence, but again, our ego alters these plans as much as possible. By connecting with our spirit, our higher self, we can unlock our past lives, the reason for our existence in this life, and what we are here to learn.

The Ankh represents eternal life, and eternal life is what we have, at least spiritually. Our physical life will always deteriorate and end, but our spirit lives forever to have new experiences and help us grow spiritually.

Let me know how this works for you. Have a great day!

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Most people have seen the Ankh before, but may not know what it means. As someone who has been fascinated with ancient Egypt, I found the Akhn to be something of interest, that resonates with all of us. Most of us forget the fact that we are more than what we appear. At the deepest level, our physical existence is one small aspect of ourselves. While our physical body does not live forever, our spirit essentially does.

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