Did you know that intelligence and wisdom are not the same thing? There is a distinct difference between the two. Intelligence comes from education and learning. Whereas wisdom comes from age and learning from mistakes. One can be intelligent without being wise, and vice versa.

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To truly understand what intelligence is, we should reflect back on our own lives when we were in school. From taking various classes and courses, we become more knowledgeable and intelligent, at least in theory. Intelligence is due to education and ability to understand and comprehend a subject and solve a problem. Just because someone is intelligent, doesn’t mean they won’t lack common sense.

Wisdom on the other hand largely comes from the ability to learn from our mistakes, as well as valuable life lessons that are not taught in any class. We grow wiser by the day, and during major milestones and positive and negative events in our life. Learning from your mistakes and from major life events, you will become wiser. Not everyone learns from their mistakes, so if you are one that does, then wisdom will follow suit where you will implement what you’ve learned and go into life being more prepared and able to help others who are just starting out on their journey.

Use failure to your advantage

If you have a hard time learning from your mistakes, then you may not be able to identify what your true mistakes actually are, and/or do not want to change. The perception that change is scary is common and we often do not want to change since the unknown is intimidating to us. But if you can identify where you’ve gone wrong, maybe your approach or methodology, or a small overlooked piece of information, and then devise a plan that allows you to change your approach, then you will learn from your mistakes. That’s not to say that your new way would result in success, often it doesn’t, but it allows you to learn what works and doesn’t work. You never know until you try.

Another aspect of intelligence is the fact that it is solely in this physical domain. It is in the mind and body that determines intelligence, along with your ability to focus, concentrate, and retrain the information taught to you. Just because you are intelligent in this lifetime, doesn’t mean you will be intelligent in your next. This is where wisdom comes into play.

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Wisdom carries into another lifetime as it is learned and retained in your spirit. I’m sure we’ve met people, or are even the person who is wiser beyond our physical age, knowing things intuitively. Wisdom sticks with us after we die, and continues throughout the life of our spirit and the universe. Our unique spirit, when entered into a new body, often doesn’t fully remember the way the life lessons from our past lives were achieved, but instead retain the information of what we learned and we intuitively know the answer. That is true wisdom.

Developing your wisdom is as simple as learning from your mistakes and important life lessons that are not taught in classes. Keep learning and you will become wise and retain the information. But also don’t forget your own intelligence and ability to solve problems and think thoroughly in this physical domain. Remember that even when learning a new skill or taking a class, you can still grow spiritually and more wise from the educational material.

Let me know how this works for you. Have a great day!

Additional Info

As someone who has learned greatly from their mistakes, and continuously educates myself, I learned the difference between intelligence and wisdom, and realized that no matter how much you know in life, if you lack wisdom, your abilities often go overlooked.

I have actually been called wiser beyond my years, and have met people who are the same, in addition to those who are immature and repeat the cycle of mistakes. I feel as though I have gone through great struggles and learned from mistakes that has allowed me to see things from an alternate perspective that most people don’t see. Additionally, I’ve been able to help others as a result.

Keep working hard and learning and you too will accomplish this!

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