Jealousy is a common and normal feeling that all of us have experienced at one point or another. Think of a time you have been jealous of someone else and what you did to handle the emotions. The feeling is not pleasant since it makes you feel down and inferior to others. This can cause one to develop inappropriate coping mechanisms to compensate.

Girl receive a lot of hearths on social and boy is jealous about it.

Why do people get jealous? The most common reason is due to the perceived lack in one’s life. When we lack something, like a good paying job, money, fame and success, a loving partner, a stress-free life, living conditions, health conditions, and so on, we often look at others and feel jealous for what they have that we don’t. Jealousy is an internal conflict that is brought about by comparing our lives to others, and looking at what we don’t have instead of what we do have.

When we feel jealous, we often can be ungrateful of what we have in our lives presently, and can even seem greedy at times. For instance, if we see our friend on our social media feed with their partner going on a vacation, we may feel jealous of them because they have the money and a loving spouse to go with. We may not have a partner, nor a high paying job and struggling to make the rent each month.

ungrateful to grateful by scissors

We can feel jealous because we want what we don’t have, that another has, comparing ourselves to them, thinking that if we had what they had, we would be happy. In reality, those things may not make us happy. Furthermore, we’ve then taken for granted what we presently have in our life. We could be without a job or even worse, yet we’ve lost sight of the positive things we do have.

In order to stop this vicious jealousy cycle we find ourselves in, we should be grateful for each moment and thing we have, and stop comparing ourselves to others. We can and never will be another person. Every decision and action in our lives should not revolve around others, or trying to beat another, but rather to better ourselves. When we compare our lives to others, we instantly lose sight of what we should be proud and happy of in our own lives. There are plenty of things we have that others don’t, so find yourself and understand what your strengths and weaknesses are, and you’ll be much happier.

Jealousy as a negative aspect of life

While it is not possible to fully get rid of jealousy, use it as a form of empowerment to better your life so you can live freely and happily. Use jealousy to turn people you may feel negative towards because they have things you don’t into inspirations and role models to help guide you on the journey to success. Make jealousy work for you, instead of succumbing to its negative effects.

Let me know how this works for you. Have a great day!

Additional Info

We’ve all felt jealous at one point or another, myself included, and continue to do so. What I’ve personally found that helps me is being thankful. When I am thankful for each and everything in my life, I do not feel the need to compare myself to others, and thus, the feelings of jealousy are diminished.

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