Mental illness and going through a spiritual awakening can seem quite similar, and in fact overlap. But, there are distinct differences. To understand these differences, we have to analyze the spiritual aspects of some disorders I’ve discussed in the past.

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Mental illness itself is a spiritual experience. One that we cannot control when it happens, if it happens in our lifetime. We each have a different way of awakening, and for some this process can be slow, while others it can be rapid. Depending on how one awakens, this will often determine what sort of mental instability one faces that needs to be addressed to move onto the next part of the awakening process.

For you see, mental illness can be viewed as one of the greatest obstacles one will face in their life. This obstacle, when treated appropriately, can allow one to be true to themselves and live a happier life than they ever thought possible. Through these hard times and even negativity comes great growth potential, as well as a spiritual awakening.

Let’s look at some examples of mental disorders I’ve discussed in the past to understand their role of one’s spiritual awakening journey. [Mental Illness Is a Spiritual Experience]

Bipolar disorder is when one experiences manic and depressive episodes. Emotions may be all over the place. When going through a spiritual awakening, the mind opens up in a way that breaks the previous thinking patterns. Breaking past certain patterns can leave one open to deeper depressive episodes, and higher manic episodes as the mind is adjusting to the changes in thought patterns. Generally these episodes will cycle for a few weeks or months, or until the person is able to stabilize their new thought patterns.

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Borderline personality disorder, which can often be mistaken for bipolar disorder, is when one has feelings of being unwanted, needing attention, often due to past trauma that has arisen to be healed. This trauma has resurfaced and the individual may appear emotionally unstable due to the mind wanting to heal from what has happened in the past, but the conscious mind is in a state of resistance.

With schizophrenia, one has delusions and even hallucinations of things that are non-existent. However, with a spiritual awakening, some people become open to the non-physical domain. In other words, those with schizophrenia could be influenced by spirits that have rejected the collective unconscious that still reside in the non-physical domain. These people may see and feel trauma in the environment and see it acted out in front of them, and thus be inappropriately diagnosed with schizophrenia, when they could instead be highly intuitive. [Schizophrenia from a Spiritual Perspective]

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PTSD, known as post-traumatic stress disorder, is when memories and visions of past trauma resurfaces as if it’s actually happening now. Much like borderline personality disorder, PTSD is when the conscious mind is in a state of resistance and unable to heal from past trauma. The natural way the mind heals is via resurfacing repressed memories in the subconscious so the conscious mind can rationalize them. With a spiritual awakening, these memories and repressed emotions and trauma will emerge rapidly. Past trauma emerges to be healed. You are going through it again to heal your mind and body.

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Dissociative identity disorder, also known as multiple personality disorder is the manifestation of alters via the collective unconscious and non-physical domain entities via childhood trauma. It is denial of the natural law of how our mind heals. The true essence of resistance of the collective unconscious that unites us all. Multiple personalities compartmentalize memories to protect the core. [Dissociative Identity Disorder from a Spiritual Perspective]

As you can see, the differences between mental illness and a spiritual awakening can be one and the same. While this should not deter you from getting the proper help you need, understand that getting help is nothing to be ashamed of. In fact, one of the greatest feats is to accept who you are and allow the natural way our body and mind heals to take place. This healing process is to accept and lessen resistance and denial. To deny the natural law of healing, to deny what connects us all, the collective unconscious, is to deny the world and reject the true origin of mankind.

Let me know how this works for you. Have a great day!

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Going through a spiritual awakening can be similar to having a mental disorder. Many symptoms overlap. So much that it can seem that one has a mental illness when going through a spiritual awakening. Since my spiritual awakening has been a long, slow journey, I didn’t notice as much compared to someone where it happens spontaneously.

However, there has been moments, past and present, that have changed my life and have even been labeled as a mental illness. Once I was able to rationalize some of these emotions and feelings, I could grow. This was a major change in my life that helped me in many ways, so I am fortunate to have experienced it.

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December 17, 2020 6:19 PM

This article is so helpful! I struggle with PTSD and depression, I have yet to receive a recent therapy evaluation a d somewhat traits that mirror did but I don’t know if I actually have it. I’m reaching out wherever I can to help navigate through this for the last year and a half since first awakening. So far doing research, finding relief for my emotional health has been hard but journaling and connecting with source is a guide that helps me ground back into the present when my mind is going through it.

December 17, 2020 6:21 PM

I also agree with the bipoar disorder as I feel like my mind is trying to make sense of how to integrate to a whole sense of self.

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