My name is Autumn Asphodel and I make videos about mental health, being transgender / transsexual, philosophical and spiritual topics, and many other things.

I was born a male, but have transitioned to female. I’ve been on hormones and even had surgery. I discuss my transition and struggle with various mental disorders, as well as ways to cope with mental illness.

So, if you are interested come check out my channel by clicking the link here. Thank you so much for watching!

Additional Info

My second introduction video for my channel. I decided to keep it short and to the point, so it’s only 30 seconds long. I wanted to also use this with a YouTube feature called ‘Fan Finder,’ or what they later renamed it to, ‘Channel Ad.’ This feature would allow this video to play as a pre-roll advertisement for people that YouTube thinks would be suitable for my channel and could be potential subscribers. All of this was completely free of charge too since I’d rather not pay for advertising.

However, they seemed to not have it working correctly and many people had the same issue I did with it saying I had insufficient subscribers / view duration. I even contacted YouTube directly about this and apparently it is a generic message when YouTube cannot find people that match the channel content you have. Well, sounds like a bug to me that needs to be fixed that probably never will be fixed. What a shame…

Also, I feel this was the start of the new content on my channel. I moved away from talking about myself so much and how I relate to various mental disorders and instead focused more on how one can overcome their problems. In other words, I didn’t focus so much on my own problems, but how I could overcome them, and shared that knowledge with the world. And sure enough, that change of focus made a HUGE impact on my mental wellbeing as I started to soon see positive things manifest in my life.

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