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Q: Do you like math, physics or programming?

A: Yes, I love all three of these. Math was my favorite class in school. I loved statistics and probability. I was very into this as well as trigonometry. Regarding programming, I am self-taught with web programming and design languages such as HTML, CSS, PHP, MySQL, as well as some JavaScript and ActionScript to an extent.

Q: how do you keep your skin so clear?

A: I just don’t get acne anymore like I use to which is great. Also, I do not wash my face. The only time I technically cleanse it is when I take my makeup off and use a makeup remover. That’s it really.

Q: Would you ever consider opening a P.O. Box so that we could send you things?

A: That would be really cool, but not now. Thanks so much for the offer though.

Q: How do you feel music? How it makes you fill, does it have influence on your emotions, thoughts

A: Yes, music definitely influences my emotions and thoughts and everything else. Listening to relaxing music can bring a relaxed frame of mind and lessen stress and anxiety. It is one of the biggest coping methods which is really great.

Q: How has making youtube videos affected your mindset? By this I mean, during your older videos, you sounded rather… nervous and anxious, and in your newer videos, you sound more confident and relaxed.. if you get what I mean. Has youtube helped you in this regard?

A: YouTube has been both good and bad for me. Putting myself online along with all the wonderful people who have supported me has just been so wonderful. I never thought it was possible. Yet, I still see hidden motives and many other things which is really upsetting to me which makes me want to stop. Plus, all the criticism on top of this. It’s made me realize why I retreated from society and dislike people to begin with. It’s been very positive, yet extremely stressful and frustrating. So, it’s been like that to the point where I thought about just completely stopping it. But, I will not. I will fight through this because I know my life will get better as things progress.

Q: Do you have any sleep problems – if so, how do you handle it?

A: I use to. Insomnia or slept too long. This has a lot to do with the season since I dislike the cold and am more depressed, and sleep longer. In warmer weather, I have difficulty sleeping and am up all the time with a lot of energy.

Q: would you ever consider a profession in mental health?

A: Yes, there are a lot of professions I would consider including psychology. It is something that intrigues me greatly.

Q: have you ever met someone else with D.I.D?

A: No, not in person. There have been quite a few people online that have messaged me or I have been in contact with saying that they have DID and can relate to a lot of what I say and I can relate as well. But other than that, I do not know anyone really personally.

Q: How have your family and close friends dealt with your new name? Has it been challenging for them to name you differently all of a sudden?

A: It did take them some time getting use to it. They kept calling me by my male name and male pronouns. It took probably a good six months for them to get use to it and a full year to stop slipping up entirely.

They slipped up a lot at first. Not so much with the name, but saying “he” and “him.” I didn’t like that. But, rarely if ever now they mess up. So yes, it was challenging for them at first, but they got use to it.

Q: I would like to get back to one of your older videos- when you said that a feeling of being transgender phased out for some time in your case and then,got back to you even stronger. How does one “forget” the feeling that his/hers physical appearance does not match his personality?

A: Well, this is a good question. After high school when I became very socially withdrawn, I focused my attention on starting a small business and website. I worked hard at this and it occupied all of my time.

Since I isolated myself and was working on these endeavors, I never really thought about transitioning. I still knew deep down that I wanted to be a female, but at the time I was ok with being a male. I didn’t like it, but I had to deal with it.

After working on this business and website for some years, the feeling of wanting to be a female became very strong. I needed to transition. It was all that I could think about. So, I did so much research and watched many other people on YouTube that helped so greatly. I was pessimistic about being able to pass and look as good and feminine as them. But when I transitioned, it all changed and I saw that I was able to look feminine and pass, the way I wanted to be. So, to me my transition was very successful.

Q: I was wondering if you regret not coming out sooner and possibly avoiding male puberty altogether.

A: I wish I could, yes. But, there was no way I could tell my family at that time because I was extremely self conscious, paranoid, feared judgment. I wanted to wait until I was 30 or 40 when I lived all by myself, lose all contact with my family, and then transition. That was my goal. But, I transitioned earlier and I’m glad I did. I cannot go back and change my past, so I’m not going to obsess over it. It’s never too late to transition and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Happiness is never too late to have.

Q: Since transitioning, would you say you tend to feel comfortable or even pressed into doing the stereotypical girl stuff, like shopping?

A: Nope. Not at all. I do whatever I feel like regardless of if it’s considered male or female. That’s completely irrelevant. I do plenty of things that are considered stereotypical female activities, as well as many that are considered stereotypical male activities. I do not let that define me, because only I can define me.

Q: how do you maintain your slender frame ? I have read that after srs there is weight gain

A: Yes, I have heard this as well. I’ve heard that the lack of testosterone and taking estrogen can cause a male to female to put on weight. However, the whole process had the complete opposite effect on me. When I began taking anti-androgens and estrogen I lost weight. After SRS, still the same. I need to drink a nutritional shake each day just to maintain my weight. Also, I eat quite healthy and avoid most junk food. I seriously like never eat chocolate or candy or anything like that. I don’t particularly care for anything sweet. So, I’m sure that helps too.

Weird Messages

Weird message time. The first one I will read is probably the most vile comment I have read. But, it’s completely ridiculous and I’m not taking any offense to it:
WM: How dare any of you bash this freak for being who HE is! You ought to be ashamed of yourselves. So what if HE wants dicks shoved up HIS ass instead of being a MAN and being attracted to a woman. Some people like their own sex, some people like to have sex with animals like dogs and horses. Who cares? I’m a white guy and I always felt I should have been born black. So imma change my skin color and do what I want with my life and become a black man. Thanks for your inspiration autumn, you’re an awesome GUY!!!!! LMFAOOOOOOOOO Whatta joke to mankind.

A: Just so vile message.

WM: you should putt up a video on how to tell if someone is pretending to be girl.

A: Oh, you!

WM: I think you are trying to deceive people by pretending to be a girl.

A: Oh, you too!

WM: This chick is so boring for a crazzo.

WM: Stop fuxzimacyzing your eyebrows and you’ll be beautiful.

A: What is that word? That’s not a real word. What the heck is that?

WM: They aren’t eyebrows, they are pieces of electrical tape.

WM: Why do you look like a porn star?

Then someone responded:
WM: What a dumb question.

Then the response:
WM: Why? I mean, im being dead serious, why does one do that thingy to their eyebrows? And that eye make up, man thats just… Yeah. You can now proceed to hate on me. I mean the topic is intresting and all, but that over the top make up…

WM: You’re so creepy. You look like overly attached girlfriend

WM: I failed to understand why I keep watching weird part of youtube, I watched a Halloween show costume party just now.

A: Then why are you watching it then? Mind you, this was not even on my Halloween video, so…some people are so silly.

WM: I am working right now on ending you.

A: Alright, I’d like to know how you are ending me.

Alright, that’s all for now. Thanks for watching!

Additional Info

My fourth Q&A and weird message video. People’s obsession with my eyebrows just doesn’t fade it seems.

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