Hi everyone! I asked you all in a previous video what Zodiac sign and MBTI personality type you thought I was. Well, my Zodiac sign is Aries and my MBTI personality type is INFJ. I will talk about each of these independently in just a minute and discuss some traits and how they fit me.

But first, let’s see how many people got it correct. There were surprisingly the most votes for Aries. Why did you all think I was an Aries? You were correct all of you who said that. The one that receive no votes for the longest time was Aquarius. No one voted on that which was very interesting. Until more recently someone did pick that. But, no one did for the longest time which was very interesting.

Next, most people guessed INTJ for my personality type. Only one vote for INFJ. So, congratulations to everyone who picked the correct choices.

Astrology / Zodiac : Aries

I have always been fascinated with astrology, horoscopes, the Zodiac. It’s all very intriguing to me. I am far from an expert. I know very little about all of it, but would love to learn more.

I was born in early April, so I am an Aries. Aries is the first sign of the Zodiac and is often depicted as a ram. Aries tend to be leaders and can often lead and motivate others. This very much applies to me. I see myself as a leader as opposed to a follower. I am always looking for ways to control a situation versus following in the footsteps of others. I use this ability to help others and motivate others.

I can easily inspire others to start tasks. A perfect example, if you are trying to lose weight and are trying to stick to a diet and exercise, I will be there to motivate and encourage you to do these things, while providing both positive feedback and constructive criticism to get you moving. I am very strict and do not let go of this, even if I end up being stubborn.

Stubbornness is another trait of an Aries. Something I very much am as well. I can be stubborn about changing my ways and trying new things. Additionally, Aries can be very impatient and impulsive. I use to be quite impatient, very impatient. If I couldn’t get something right then and there, it served me no purpose and I would get angry. I still am quite impatient with some decisions, leading to impulsive behavior like, “Have to have it now. Have to do it now.” But, I’ve gotten a hold of this quite well and don’t let my anger get the best of me.

Aries also are known to be courageous / risk-takers. This type of behavior can be good or bad depending on the circumstances. Again, this is something that applies to me. Now, I’m not the most adventurous person out there. There are plenty of things I will not physically risk, at least I don’t think I would. Who knows? But, I do take a lot of other risks at put myself in harms way at times.


The MBTI or Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, is a personality assessment used to determine how the individual thinks and makes decisions. I first heard of it in mid 2012 and became very fascinated by it. Of course, I haven’t extensively studied it and don’t know too much. But, I’ve taken tons of tests, sometimes the same one multiple times just to make sure the results were consistent. Turns out I am an INFJ.

INFJ means introversion, intuition, feeling, and judging.

  • Introversion means I am introverted as opposed to being extraverted.
  • Intuition means I imagine future possibilities as opposed to present opportunities.
  • Feeling means I make decisions based on my feeling as opposed to logic.
  • And, judging means I prefer a solid schedule as opposed to one that is flexible.

That pretty much sums up how I think and make decisions. I am introverted so I need time to myself. I plan for the future and imagine how things will be years from now. Decisions I make are based on emotion and feeling. And, I plan my days and events and need a concrete schedule that will not change.

INFJs are known as “The Counselor.” Some traits are that they have a desire to help others and get fulfillment from it. This is something I am very passionate about. I feel so much satisfaction when people tell me that I have helped them. Making these videos has been a perfect example of this. So many people have told me that I have helped them in various ways, and that really excites me. That was my goal all along and it has been so successful and it means so much to me that I have been able to help at least one person out there.

Other traits that INFJs possess are that they tend to be highly intuitive, perhaps even being called a psychic. Ok, I’ve been called a psychic before. I sometimes surprise myself by what my intuition leads me to. Premonitions, visions, very strong feelings about things. All true for me.

However, INFJs also tend to hold back parts of themselves, being extremely private. Again, very much applies to me. I am very private, yet very open. Complete strangers seem to know more about me then those close to me, because I fear judgment. Those close to me I tend to be extremely private and secretive.

INFJs also tend to doubt that they are living up to their full potential. I’ve been told this before. I cannot really see it for myself, but projects and work I have done that I end up thinking is terrible and horribly done, I can see all the mistakes, people end up really liking. Let’s say for example my makeup. Since I am a perfectionist, it must be perfect. But, in my eyes it never is. I walk around with it thinking people are looking at how bad it is and all the mistakes I made. When in actuality it is the complete opposite. Yet, most of the time I cannot see it.

Lastly, INFJs can rely so much on their own feeling about something that they can think they are always right and ignore the opinions of others. Yes, I have done this. There have been plenty of time that I get argumentative because I think I am right. I may or may not be, it’s irrelevant, but I can come off as arrogant at time. It depends on the person I’m having a conflict with and many other conditions. I dislike conflict with a passion, and at times I just want to say, “I’m right, you are wrong, end of discussion.” But, I have learned to step back from this a little and look at it from their point of view But, it can still happen when in an argument.


So, thank you to everyone who guessed what Zodiac sign and MBTI personality type you thought I was. All of this is just limited information since I know far from everything regarding astrology and the MBTI. But, if you are really interested you can research these things for yourself and learn more. So, thanks for watching!

Additional Info

I’ve always been fascinated with astrology. I am no expert by any means, but it’s always been interesting. I use to read the horoscope every day and it would be accurate at times, but I stopped doing it and just lived my life. I felt if I read what it said for the day that it could change what was really going to happen that day.

As for my personality type, I’ve always been an INFJ it seems. When I initially took the test though back in 2012, I believe I was an INTJ. But, when I started to learn more about myself, I actually discovered I was an INFJ which I have tested as ever since.

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Aisia Spiffington
Aisia Spiffington
April 28, 2019 6:14 PM

Aww lovely I’m so glad you wrote this. Was finding it hard to reconcile my starsign with my recent INFJ discovery… What I read beforehand lead me to believe I was a contradiction. Resonate immensely with all that you wrote, very relieving. keep it up x

Milk Zombie
Milk Zombie
April 28, 2019 6:23 PM

Can’t believe I’ve never taken the test before. The results were super accurate! I’m an INFP-A. I think it’s very much align with the description of my bloodtype B too.

(and why is email address a required information, when I don’t get a notification when you reply 😕 )

April 28, 2019 6:32 PM

INFJ-A Aries here
‘A’ like in Aries