2 Years Post-op Male to Female Sex Reassignment Surgery (SRS)

It's been 2 years since my sex reassignment surgery (SRS) performed by Christine McGinn on March 4th, 2013. I'm still having issues that I hoped would've been resolved by this point, so I'm going to need a third surgery to correct the issues.

Hi everyone! This is the two year update to my sex reassignment surgery. Two years ago, on March 4th, 2013, I had my SRS with Christine McGinn of New Hope, Pennsylvania. If you would like to know about my SRS and the first six months of recovery, as well as the first year, please watch my videos on it which I’ll have annotations and links in the description. [SRS | 1 Year Post-op]

At the two year mark I was hoping I would be problem free. The issues I was having at the one year mark I thought would’ve been resolved by the two year mark, as in things would’ve healed, but it’s practically no change. I wish I could say everything is good, but unfortunately it simply isn’t. I’m having problems and it seems like a third surgery will be the only way to resolve the issues. I’ll discuss more about that in a bit. But first, I want to clarify before talking about any of this is that I do not regret the surgery. I am very happy with myself and my body now then I was prior to my SRS. It is amazing how much more confidence I have thanks to finally feeling like this is my body. Of course I cannot stand the issues I am having and wish for things to be problem free. But even with the problems, I love myself and my body. With that being said, don’t let my problems or experience deter you from the surgery or the surgeon I chose. Ultimately the decision should be yours and yours alone. Each person has different ways of healing, as well as the surgeon can have different outcomes when it comes to their patients.

Now, I have not had sex or used any sort of sex toy. So, I don’t know anything about that and cannot talk from experience. Furthermore, those are things that I simply cannot do at this time due to the issue I am having. If I had sexual intercourse with someone, that would not even be an option due to the pain and discomfort I am experiencing. I can masturbate which can take anywhere from twenty minutes to an hour and a half or so. And, the feeling is, I’ll say quite amazing and much better then when I had a penis. That is certainly an improvement since the one year mark since I feel as though things are more sensitive and I have better orgasms.

But anyway, the issues I am experiencing mostly affect my comfortability. The first one is an issue that can be treated without a surgery and is something I’ve been dealing with since month three post-op. During the third month post-op, I was dilating and tore the left side of my vagina. It developed into granulation tissue, has been treated several times with silver nitrate, tried several treatments and creams, and it’s still there. I remember the last time I was in the surgeon’s office, which was at the one year mark, they said it will not be there forever and will heal on its own. Well, it never did. It’s still there and is painful when dilating because of the issues. Looking at it, you can see the redness. So, I need to go into a local gynecologist in hopes that they can keep treating it until it is fully healed. I’m just so tired of that. It’ll be so wonderful when that is finally done and over with.

Relatedly, regarding dilation, the granulation tissue is the main thing that is causing the most issues for me. As a result, I have lost some depth. It use to be around five inches or so, and is probably a little less now. I dilate twice a week. Though, for a period of time I tried once a week which was nice but I simply couldn’t keep up due to me not being able to get to the correct depth as well having even more pain from the granulation tissue. It’s painful and impossible using the third and fourth size dilators. I am currently using the first two and it’s quite difficult with those. For lubrication, I remember reading a comment saying that coconut oil was a good lubricant. Well, I gave it a try and got hooked on coconut oil. I love that stuff and use it with everything. Skin moisturizer, cooking, I consume it daily. I love it so much. But anyway, this video is not about my obsession with coconut oil. This replaced the mineral oil I was using. However, it’s rather thin so I still need some lubricating jelly for dilation which I use sensitive skin lubricant. But, I was hoping the coconut oil would help treat the granulation tissue, but it didn’t.

The next issue, which really isn’t an issue, but when I had my revision surgery at the seventh month mark they had to close part of the clitoral hood since the clitoris was too exposed. Well, a part of the incision hasn’t fully closed. This is very strange since it’s been like a year and a half since the revision and it’s still partially open. So, that can probably be fixed relatively easily.

Now onto the more serious issues that can only be corrected with surgery. The one that causes the most problems that can only be corrected with another surgery is that there is too much erectile tissue in the labia minora. Some of the erectile tissue is kept with SRS, but it seems like there is too much for me. This is not an issue unless I am aroused. If you’ve ever had a penis, the feeling is like you have an erection but your penis is trapped inside your body, to a lesser degree of course. The thing is, the area gets so swollen when aroused that you can physically see the swelling. Due to the swelling, the opening of the vagina almost becomes hidden. None of this is an issue since I could care less about the appearance, but being in a position besides my back leads to that feeling of swelling and discomfort. The right side is more swollen which makes that side more uncomfortable. So, I’d imagine the surgery for this would be to get rid of the excess erectile tissue and turn the labia minora into a flatter labia which would not only be more appealing to look at, but also comfortable. That is my main goal, to be comfortable, even when aroused since that’s when I experience the most issues. There have been a few occasions where I was aroused for a prolonged period of time and the labia minora turned so red and sore for almost 48 hours afterwards. And, that’s just too much.

The next issue is one that is a bit strange but I think it has to do with the right side being more swollen. Well, there are times that the right side almost feels like I just got kicked in the testicles. It’s not that painful since I don’t have testicles anymore, but there is a feeling that goes from where the testicles should be all the way up to almost my navel. So apparently some of the nerves and tubing is still there. It mostly feels like there is fluid trapped in my body in that area. So again, if you’ve ever had a penis and got aroused for a prolonged period of time but never ejaculated, the feeling is similar. It is not a pleasant feeling, and it’s just strange that it’s only on the right side. But again, this could be due to more swelling on that side. Anyway, I noticed that when I am aroused for a prolonged period of time without having an orgasm is when it starts to happen. So apparently my body is producing lubrication during the arousal phase, but on the right side it doesn’t always expel. Well, after several days of experiencing the issue one time, and not having an orgasm, I did masturbate and had an orgasm and that’s what solved the issue since it seemed like all the fluid was expelled when I achieved orgasm. It was very strange. But the point is that this issue is uncomfortable for me. Apparently something is not right on that side due to the issues I am experiencing. It could be due to swelling of the labia minora, or just how it is. I don’t know, but I do not like it since the feeling is uncomfortable when I experience it.

A few miscellaneous things which really aren’t issues, but there is some hair inside the vagina. And by some I mean very little. What I usually do is take tweezers and pluck them out. I have these hairs because I didn’t get electrolysis prior to SRS. However, with continued plucking, less and less hairs come back. Shortly after my SRS there was a decent amount of hair. I could count like 10 to 20 hairs. Now, it’s maybe three that are persistent and keep growing. Surprising, you can feel the hairs when dilating since it almost feels like a needle scraping the skin. So, that’s why I try to pluck them.

Another thing is that the outer labia may be a bit too large. It’s like there is a bit too much skin. Relatedly, that is also where the scars are which could be contributing to the issue. On the right side, there is this strange ridge where the scar is that makes it look a bit more swollen on that side. This kinda goes back to the other issue where the right side is a bit more swollen looking then the left side. This is mostly a cosmetic issue so it’s not as important to me.

As for the scars though, they are still somewhat visible but not by much. The one scar which is at the bottom of the vaginal opening is still quite tight. I’ve tried doing massages on the area and it’s certainly helped but it’s still quite tight and restricting. Not a big deal, but certainly brace yourself for the scarring since there will be a lot and it is visible for a long period of time.

So, those are the issues I am facing at the current moment. I don’t know when I will get another surgery done to fix the more complex issues, but it certainly should fix my problems once and for all. I’m looking forward to the day when I don’t have to be in pain, discomfort, and can explore my body without having those sore areas that prevent me from doing so. I will have an update video at some point after the surgeries I mentioned. [3 Years Post-op] But anyway, that’s all for now. Thanks for watching!

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I can’t believe it’s been two whole years since my sex reassignment surgery (SRS). While I am done healing at this point, I am still having issues that only a third surgery can correct. However, one of the worst issues is the granulation tissue inside the vagina. It is painful when dilating. I actually did go to a local gynecologist the day before publishing this video and had the area treated with silver nitrate. It did certainly help the pain with dilating, but there is still more that will need to be treated in time. This way it should all be taken care of and I will be pain free, at least in regards to the granulation tissue and dilation.

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