Hey everyone, welcome back. It’s so nice to see you all. For those of you who are new, my name is Autumn Asphodel and I am a coach dedicated to personal growth and success. Today I am going to share with you five easy steps to manifest what you truly desire into your life. This has worked for me time and time again.

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What you think and believe is what you manifest as your reality. No other person has the same exact thoughts and beliefs as you. No other person can change your life, only you can. So by figuring out what your desires are, and taking the following steps to achieve them, you will achieve what you truly desire.

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Step 1 – Observe Your Current Thoughts

The first step is to observe your thoughts. This is vital because what you think about is what you bring into your life. If you think negatively and from a mindset that you cannot achieve your desires, then unfortunately you will not achieve them. So observe your thoughts and where you currently stand with what you want to manifest.

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See how you truly feel about yourself and achieving your goals. Is it positive or negative? If it’s negative, why is it negative? If it’s positive, is it truly positive without denial? These are all questions to ask to get a better understanding of where you currently stand.


Step 2 – Use Positive Affirmations

Step two is to use positive affirmations, hypnosis, subliminal audio, and/or binaural beats. This will change those forms of thinking into something positive as you begin to retrain your mind to work in your favor.

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Positive affirmations can be a bit tricky to work with because you have to be careful of the terms you are using. It should always be positive and focused on your goals, and not focused on getting rid of bad habits.

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If you have anxiety for example, you do not want to use affirmations that say, “I do not have anxiety.” Rather, you want to use affirmations such as, “I am free of stress and anxiety,” and, “I have confidence in my strengths and abilities.”

Step 3 – Observe Changes

Step three is to observe changes in your life. As you begin to retrain your mind to attract what you desire, you will notice changes in your life. They will be subtle at first, but then become more intense. Change can be scary, so brace yourself. Things will change for better and worse. You may lose people in your life, do things you don’t want to do, and it may feel like things are actually going in the opposite direction. But, they are not. Stick it through because you are learning a valuable lesson to attract what you truly want.

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Step 4 – Live the Life

Step four is to live the life. Once things begin changing in your life, you will notice change with you as you begin to actually live the life of someone who has what they desire. When you focus and believe that you have what you want, you also must live the life of that person who has what they want.

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For example, if you desire money, that doesn’t mean spending it like you have it, but rather having the mindset of a wealthy person and budging to get to you goal. You may do things you don’t want to in order to gain more money to get to where you financially want to be.

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I have personally used these techniques to bring unexpected money into my life, and be wiser with my money by investing it in stocks and high interest banking accounts, as well as cutting back expenses. I can tell you first hand how much you change when you actually begin to think and live the life of someone who has what they desire.

Step 5 – Receive Your Reward

And the final step is to receive your reward. You’ve put so much hard work into manifesting what you desire, dedicated hours of time growing, changing your thoughts, and actually living the life of someone who has what they desire. Now it’s finally time for that hard work to pay off. You receive your reward, are have grown and changed for the better to accomplish your goal. How do you feel? Was it hard getting there?

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From my own personal experience, the thought of getting to this point is harder than the actual process of getting there. It’s not easy, but the thought is much more difficult than the work involved to get there.


To truly attract and manifest your desires, you must observe your current thoughts, use positive affirmations, observe changes, live the life, and receive your reward. Follow these steps and you will accomplish what you desire.

Let me know how this works for you. Thank you for being part of this amazing community. Have a wonderful day!

Additional Info

Manifesting what you truly desires isn’t as hard as it seems. I personally have used these techniques and it works every time. It’s almost scary how well it works since I know if I think negatively, and doubt myself, that it will manifest as well. That’s why I try to lessen as much stress and anxiety from my life that leads to these doubts.

I’ve used various manifesting technique to attract money, love, and even positivity and happiness. All of which have worked well for me!

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