Dependence on social media is a huge problem these days due to always being connected. It not only impacts our mental health, but greatly influences the younger generation to become addicted.

Young girl using smart phone,Social media concept.

Many people use social media for validation, seeking likes and comments. The more likes and comments, they more they feel wanted and accepted. For some, this is even a full-time job. Additionally, many people who are very active on social media project one aspect of their personality, but the deep rooted issues of depression, anxiety, and stress are buried and hidden from the world. Thus, many of these social media influencers are not representing an accurate picture of what day-to-day life actually is, which can make followers depressed and jealous.

Why do some get jealous of others on social media? It’s simple, if you have a friend who is happily married, wealthy, enjoying vacations, while you struggle in your life, are lonely, and hardly making minimum wage, then of course you will feel jealous and the people you follow and your friends will bring you down. However, we don’t have to let it bring us down. It only affects us if we let it.

Get off social media and be happy! We don’t need social media. If we need to connect with friends, there are plenty of other ways to do it as opposed to a social media network and following people. We can keep in touch via messaging platforms without the social aspect, text message, phone calls, and best of all, in person one-on-one time. Don’t let social media negatively impact your mental health and do what is best for your mind and body.

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