Transgenderism is a condition in which the individual’s gender identity doesn’t match their birth sex. It has been labeled a physiological and psychological condition where the person needs medical intervention to feel at one with their body. Changing the body through hormone replacement therapy and surgery is often the only treatment that can alleviate gender dysphoria in those who are transgender.

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Some causes of the condition include hormonal imbalances in the womb that causes the brain and body to develop differently, childhood trauma and abuse, and endocrine disrupting chemicals and toxins in our environment.

This condition is not often looked at through the spiritual lens, meaning most people view it strictly as a physical condition that affects the body and mind. However, everything that has a physical aspect, also has a non-physical component and are directly connected. We all have a male and female aspect where one is more dominate and usually matches that of the physical body’s sex. However, with transgender people, this is not the case.

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To understand transgender from a deeper perspective, we must first understand the male and female aspects we all have. We each have a dominate male and female personality, as well as an unconscious male and female side, referred to as the anima and animus.

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The repression of anima and animus can bring about the feelings of transgenderism since many people conform to society which says that men and women should act a certain way. This prevents people from expressing themselves completely, and the repressed side will force its way out in a destructive manner. Repression and denial of the masculine and feminine side can cause a negative projection of emotions and repressed desires.

Transgender people have the greatest opportunity to connect with both their feminine and masculine side. However, due to stigmatization in society, as well as internal conflict, many transgender people reject and deny their birth sex, and thus repress it as they transition into their desired sex. This, unfortunately, will lead to a dissociated sense of self that is scared of gender expression.

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Instead, we all have male and female aspects, and there is nothing wrong with expressing them. For trans people, however, this can bring about dysphoria. Once the dysphoria is addressed and self-love is accomplished, expression of both sexs will no longer bring dysphoria and can be freely expressed however it likes.

Important question. Frustrated abandoned transgender feeling bad about his identity and his hard life

To embrace both the male and female self without resistance and to integrate the repressed aspects of self with core consciousness is a sign of self-love. Viewing both as one instead of separate is what will bring harmony to one’s life. This is an obstacle for many due to societal factors.

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What about those who identify as both genders or gender fluid? Sometimes these people could be much more in touch with their male and female aspects, and thus feel a connection and desire to express them. On the spectrum of gender identity, if male is on one end, female on the other, and androgynous in the middle, variances between these are often labeled as other genders.

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However, those who identify outside the gender spectrum usually deny the male and female aspects of themselves. Those who reject who they are live in a dissociative state where core consciousness is incohesive. Male and female are part of the gendered physical domain experience we have in this physical body. Denial and rejection of this physiological component that makes us human is a denial of self. The denial of self can be contributed to past trauma and abuse, feelings of inadequacy, and the need for approval and acceptance, among many other causes.

Gender Dysphoria, Confusion or Choice

Since ancient times, people have been aware of variances in gender expression and gender identity. However, society shifted to view women as inferior and less equal than that of men, in addition to projecting the idea that men must behave a certain way, or they may be labeled as homosexual. There is no right or wrong way of gender expression. While there are very clear and distinct differences between men and women, and their role here on this Earth, neither is superior or inferior to the other. They are both equal, but expressed in this physical domain differently.

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Our personality stems from a collective source, the collective unconscious, where we are all connected. From this, our personality forms in the physical body we reside. The non-physical aspects of our being, our soul and spirit, are not gendered. Male and female exist solely in the physical domain to procreate. Gender variance exists to experience life from different perspectives. While male and female are two ends of the same spectrum, between these two are other ways people express themselves and label as different genders. When we step outside this, however, is when we begin to dissociate from the human experience.

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To form a more cohesive whole, we must embrace both the male and female aspects of our being without resistance. We each have a dominant masculine and feminine side, as well as an unconscious masculine and feminine side, or the anima and animus. When we deny these aspects, we begin to dissociate from what makes us human as we become disconnected from ourselves and reality. To embrace yourself fully is to integrating both male and female into core consciousness which allows us to express ourselves to the fullest.

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Viewing transgender from a spiritual perspective was a bit harder for me to do since I’ve usually viewed mental disorders from that perspective. However, there is a mental component with those who are transgender. This could stem even from denial of self and denial of male and female. When we suppress and deny, the issues will still be present and come out another way. In that case, we have to get to the root of the issue.

I’ve questioned if I am transgender because of past issues and trauma. I’ve come to realize that regardless of past trauma, and even if I was in denial and wanted to escape from my past, I am still happier in my life at the present as opposed to the past. I live my life in the present to build a happier future.

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