Cognitive dissonance is the state of having inconsistent thoughts, beliefs, and actions. We all have experienced this to some degree. For instance, those who smoke know the effects, knows it can cause cancer and many other health problems, yet still do it, believing it won’t harm them. Another is someone who eats unhealthy, knowing the food they are eating is contributing to obesity and diabetes, yet continues to eat unearthly and wonders why they aren’t losing weight.

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We all live in this state to a degree, and there is no escaping it. We have this perception of life primarily from third-party sources. We have learned to block out our innate ability to understand and listen to our bodies. Instead, we rely on the news media and health officials to determine what is and what isn’t healthy for us. The information by these organizations are biased and actually don’t get to the root of the issues.

To truly get out of the state of cognitive dissonance is to truly listen to our bodies. Our mind and body always knows the right answer for us, and we cannot rely on external sources to determine what is and what isn’t healthy. By listening to our bodies, we will determine the best way to live for us that is both healthy and fulfilling.

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