The vegan diet, which doesn’t have any animal products or byproducts, has amazing health benefits! With that being said, however, this diet doesn’t always work for everyone. There have been many people as of late who have switched back to eating animals and animal products. This often has a number of reasons associated with it, including, but not limited to, food allergies, inadequate nutrients, and the constant thought of “there is something wrong with me.”

Selection of healthy rich fiber sources vegan food for cooking

When we think there is something wrong with us, and we blame it on the diet, then we will not improve what we eat, but continue to create the reality that there is something wrong with our diet. We are often not thankful for our food, and eat will negative intentions, which also impacts our health.

In order to be healthy, we have to find the right diet that works for us. The vegan diet, while may work for the majority and promote optimal health, doesn’t always work for everyone. However, we must try our best to be healthy since proper nutrition is what will help our mind and body.

I’ve been following this diet since strictly since August 2018, but I slowly got to this point after many years. I’ve found the ideal foods that help me. My diet mostly consists of high carb, fat, and protein, while also having moderately high sodium intake. This isn’t necessarily the healthiest, especially the sodium. However, my lab work shows there are no deficiencies, and my blood pressure and cholesterol are great!

Our bodies are all unique, so I understand that if someone else ate exactly what I did, they could have major health issues. Nevertheless, this is what works best for me, and I don’t have any problems, so there is no need to take advice from others who promote their diet, since that one would not work for me.

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