In this special 10th episode of Towards the Future, we celebrate with a special Q&A. Ask any questions you want to have them answered.

It’s been a while since I’ve done a Q&A video, almost two years actually. All my Q&A videos can be found here. They were always fun to make, but also time consuming. We also covered many weird messages where things got even stranger.

While I do a Q&A segment for each episode of Towards the Future, this is the first to be solely dedicated to any topic you want to ask about. Don’t hold back! Ask anything you want from personal issues you’re struggling with so I can give my opinion and solutions, or questions about life and the meaning of life, or even about me. Nothing is off limits so ask away!

It’s always so fun answering questions since so many people have them, yet don’t know when or where to ask. I’ve had a lot of questions over the years, so I’m ready to address everything now!

Amazing questions were asked, so thank you everyone for coming to the broadcast.

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Robert Moulds
Robert Moulds
April 28, 2019 6:32 PM

Sometimes I get the idea that when some one who is near leaves my town and then seems to cut me off that I was not good enough. Other wise why else would they leave then while I have my flaws so do they so perhaps we just where not appropriate for each other so one less complex.