In this episode of Towards the Future, we discuss the many health benefits of sex, from physical, mental, and spiritual. To experience these benefits, we must first lessen shame and guilt, and understand the true nature of sex so we can have rewarding experiences.

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As someone who has struggled with their gender identity and not feeling comfortable in their body, any sexual activity with myself was difficult and filled with shame. There was no way I could possibly share that with someone else. I only felt true confidence when I transitioned and got surgery to have the genitals I was always meant to have.

But, there were also many other issues I had that prevented me from expressing my sexuality. For one, I lacked confidence and self-love. If I couldn’t love myself, I couldn’t feel confident in my body and thus had a difficult time. Once I began to work on that is when I opened up and could truly express myself. It takes time.

This was the time that I came to realize that sex was far more than just physical. I had the belief that sex was something to only do with someone who would be a partner for the rest of my life. I judged people who would have multiple partners or people they have sex with in a lifetime.

Sex is far more than just the physical. It encompasses physical, mental, and spiritual aspects of our begin. To have sex with someone is to expose the most vulnerable parts of your body and mind and integrate parts of the other person’s energetic field into yours. This is why having sex with people who are negative influences and are unfamiliar to you are often associated with the absorption of negative energy and feelings of loneliness and inadequacy.

However, sex doesn’t have to be strictly with a romantic partner either. Sex and its benefits can be done with those who are close to the individual, such as friends, or in the case of polyamorous relationships and sex, multiple people who are able to be positive influences and raise the vibration of the entire group. Sex should be a positive experience, and communication is key. So with sex with someone who isn’t a romantic interest or partner, careful communication so both sides understand is very important.

Spiritual sex practices such as tantra can bring better meaning to what sex is about, and why it’s more about the experience and uplifting nature of positive energy, than the end result of orgasm. Regardless, practicing safe sex with communication is extremely important.

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