In this episode of Towards the Future, we discuss the stigmatization of dissociative identity disorder by people thinking it’s not a valid condition. But also videos and information from those with the condition that prevent true healing, such as the promotion of splitting, “switch caught on camera,” trauma denial, and integration resistance. This gives a false impression of the disorder by not addressing the root cause of the condition. True healing is through cooperation and integration.

Woman in psychiatric hospital

To truly understand why people make videos that seem to be for entertainment and harms people with the condition, we must understand the deep rooted fears with the condition. Those with dissociative identity disorder are not the main culprit here since they have been misinformed by countless resources, therapists, and even science. They require validation for their condition to combat the people who doubt them. But, they are not fake by any stretch of the imagination. Rather, they are simply misinformed and easily believe the information out there.

Why would people at the forefront of this condition that spread awareness and help lower stigma be misinformed about the true nature of the condition and unknowingly promote splitting? This is because they believe in the popular opinion of disease management over true healing. Disease management is about living with and managing disease, but not actually healing it. True healing is understanding the origins of the disease, facing the challenges and obstacles, and working towards the best version of yourself to accomplish those goals. In other words, disease management means you have the condition for life, don’t face the causes, and learn to just get by with the disease. True healing, on the other hand, is letting the body heal via giving it the right resources, lessening denial and resistance, and being in the present moment.

Many people with dissociative identity disorder who promote splitting, who generally have to make sure each of their alters is valid, real, and perceive them as different people, are simply misinformed about integration and thus don’t understand it. They fear the unknown, just as we all do. They also fear death, just as we all do. And thus, fear the natural process by which the body heals through integration. They do not understand that integration is not death of the alter, but a merger of all the memories, characteristics, and personality traits to create a more well rounded person.

However, since these people tend to promote splitting, they insist that there is no core personality and that each alter has every right to exist as the next one. While this is the foundation of denial that prevents healing, they are not wrong in the fact that each alter is valid and unique. While alters are fragments of the core personality, or even formed due to other people, each alter holds a specific role in the person’s life.

Through integration, it’s possible to heal and overcome the major challenges of the disorder. It may seem scary, but there is nothing to fear since the body and mind are pushing towards this due to the law of natural healing. It’s our denial and resistance that is preventing this natural process. Nothing is impossible, and once we let go of the idea that we cannot do something, then we can and truly will succeed. Never give up and keep pushing to be the best version of yourself!

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