Two Identities

1 – October 20th
2 – October 31st

[1] – Happy Halloween everyone!
[2] – And, a Happy Halloween from me too!
[1] – Just wishing you a fun and safe Halloween.
[2] – It’s my favorite holiday.
[1] – Of course it is.
[2] – [Smile]
[1] – What is your favorite holiday?
[2] – Who me?
[1] – No, the viewers.

[2] – ? [Ghost sound] ?
[1] – Hahaha!
[2] – [Weird face]

[1] – What do you all do for Halloween?
[2] – Yes, please tell us!
[1] – Let us know what costumes you have come up with, or if you have a special tradition.

[2] – What do you think I am?
[1] – What about me?
[2] – You’re a vampire like always. How is that different from any other day?!
[1] – Haha! You got me there!
[2] – [Smile]

[1] – Anyway, thank you for watching!
[2] – Yes, thank you!

♫ [Ominous music] ♫
[smiles, then slowly looks at each other]
[turns back towards camera]
[jumps at camera]

Additional Info

My Halloween video for 2013! It was short and simple, but scary. I recorded the first costume almost two weeks before the second. Whereas the second was recorded on Halloween day so I had to rush to get the video out. However, what made it even more stressful was that I updated my computer a few days prior to filming and apparently it became incompatible with my webcam. I had to go about it differently to record which resulted in blurrier picture which I wasn’t too happy about. This was when I started to look into an actual good camera instead of a webcam.

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