In this episode of Towards the Future, we discuss GMOs and if they are really safe. Genetically modified foods are those essentially created in a laboratory and patented. They are technology and not found in nature, and as a result, cause unexpected changes to the plant, animals, and humans, as well as chronic illness, autoimmune disorders, and cancer.


While there is no stopping GMOs as this is the future, we can understand what the true purpose behind it is and not blindly believe the faux science that lies before us. The entire purpose of GMOs is largely corporate greed since they are created by humans and thus patented. The other reason behind the transhumanist future we are headed towards. There is no escaping or denying this as this is the intended outcome.

CRISPR will be the replacement for not only GMOs, but also many other forms of medicine including cancer drugs and vaccines. This is because in the future it will be easier and more efficient to alter the DNA of a living create to be immune to a disease.

What are your thoughts on GMOs? Are you for them or against them and why? I personally am against them since I believe in nature and not humans playing God. Humans think they have all the answers by genuinely believing they re God and the most intelligent creatures to ever exist, yet we don’t actually have a clue what is going on and are actually making our own kind (and all living creatures on this planet) sicker without even realizing, and flat our denying due to narcissism and greed. Truly the psychopaths who dominate the world are in charge of it all, yet we, the mindless slaves, don’t bother to question it or understand it…because it’s a so called “conspiracy theory” and “anti-science” of us to question anything.

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