In this episode of Towards the Future, we discuss the carcinogenic herbicide found in many foods, glyphosate.

I first heard about glyphosate over the past few years, and am glad I switched over to organic since the levels are much lower, but can still be present to some degree. Certainly foods should always be purchased organic, especially oats.

Pesticide Plants Spraying

Glyphosate is literally everywhere. It can be found in many items that are made of cotton, including toilet paper, tissues, tampons, and sterile gauze. GMO soy and corn are high in glyphosate, but not as high as oats. While wheat is not genetically modified, it’s sprayed to kill the crop to harvest it sooner. Even with washing and soaking, there is no way to get rid of all the residue.

My suggestion for anyone looking to switch away from glyphosate laced products, is to purchase mostly organic, especially wheat, soy, and corn. Organic is the way to go and you’ll be much healthier as a result with less pesticides in your system that are causing chronic health issues.

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