In this episode of Towards the Future we discuss how mainstream news sources use scare tactics during the flu season, largely to promote medicine (the flu vaccine), as well as why vitamin D is crucial at fighting the flu.

Woman Suffering From Cold Lying In Bed With Tissue

The flu is greatly talked about and hyped up during the winter season because many people’s immune systems are compromised from the toxic foods they are eating. Without adequate vitamin D, the body cannot fight off viruses. Nevertheless, you will never hear about this in mainstream news sources for one key reason, they are paid by the pharmaceutical industry to push a medicine, the flu vaccine. If everyone was healthy and had adequate vitamin D levels, far less people would opt for the flu vaccine, which would greatly hurt the pharmaceutical industry since they are a for-profit company. When we look at the pharmaceutical industry as a company like any other trying to sell products, it’s obvious the channels by which they reach their customers, the news media.

If we all learned to eat healthier, avoiding junk food, processed food, excess sugars, artificial flavors and colors, and a slew of other things, as well as get enough vitamins, even if supplementation is necessary (usually vitamin D and B12 it is necessary), then we’d all be healthier and wouldn’t need to be a consumer of the pharmaceutical industry. Alas, people rather do what’s convenient and don’t really care about their health. “You only live once” is a statement many people who live unhealthy use, but it’s contradictory to treat the body poorly and expecting to live at all. Chronic disease and dependency on pharmaceutical are not signs of a healthy life.

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