Welcome to the brand new Autumn Asphodel show, Towards the Future, where we discuss important (and sometimes controversial) topics, recent events, and news! In the premiere of my new weekly show, we discuss veganism, and if it’s really hateful like some people think. What gives people the false impression that veganism is hateful? And what is the true purpose of veganism? Furthermore, we will discuss the topic of genetic modification of animals, lab grown meat, and the future.

Vegan concept. Colored pencils with stethoscope and tape measure on a white background.

Some people will find the comment about the Chinese hot pot to be hateful or offensive. However, I personally see nothing of the sort. Instead, the society we live in today is about taking offense to everything. Every little thing is offensive. So, I see nothing wrong with the comment. It’s one person’s opinion and view, even if they didn’t know the full situation or even knew what they were posting. However, the bigger problem is that people are highly sensitive to statements that just don’t matter in the greater scheme of things.

On the topic of why vegans attract hate, it’s for the same reasons, because of controversy with what some say and do that give people a false impression of them, which leads to the shaming and hatred towards some vegans. I have personally encountered these vegans who are over the top and cannot stand them with their constant shaming and manipulation of data.

Even with all the information people are presented with, they have the choice to do whatever they want to their bodies. We all know that smoking is extremely unhealthy and directly linked with lung cancer and other diseases, and there are warnings on the label, yet people still choose the unhealthy lifestyle and what their bodies want, crave, and are addicted to. No amount of information will convince them to stop due to cognitive dissonance and confirmation bias. And the same applies to animal products and the health risk they cause on humans. Even with the information that is publicly available, the huge amounts of antibiotics that are given to animals, the destruction of Earth’s resources for one hamburger, and the massive exploitation of animals, people rather turn a blind eye, put their fingers in their ears, and say, “Blah, blah, blah…I’m not listening.” That choice is up to them, and we cannot change that.

If you are looking to become vegan, or don’t have much time to make meals at home, I highly recommend Veestro! You order the food you like, they make it and ship it to you. The ingredients are always fresh, natural, mostly organic, and non-genetically modified. Due to my busy schedule, I love the convenience and freshness of their food. Many times there is a sale running which is the best time to buy!

Proceeding forward, animals will be genetically modified to produce more milk, be fatter to harvest more meat, and be immune to disease. But the end stage is still killing the animal. The only difference between genetically modified animals and non-genetically modified ones would be that the non-GM ones require antibiotics and steroids to make them grow fast and fatten them up. While GM animals will have their genes edited so they will grow fat really fast without the use of steroids. Neither are healthy.

But, due to limited land space and the increasing need for humans to get their fill of animal foods, the future will not be killing animals for the sake of a meal. Instead, animal meat, and all living things for that matter, will be a science experiment conducted in the lab, created by humans. Nature as we know it will be in the hands of humans as they become what they perceive as God. While we can delay this by purchasing organic and non-GMO foods, the future doesn’t appear to have these in mind as we are rapidly moving towards full dependency on technology.

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