Hi everyone! In this video, I thought I’d share the sexual function after sex reassignment surgery. If you would like to know about my SRS, please watch my video on that. [SRS] It’s been about seven months since my SRS, and things are still healing, nerves are still reconnecting. So, I will have a one-year update for you all. [1 Year Post-op] As a warning, this video is very graphic, as I go into a lot of detail. But, this is for educational purposes.

So to begin, I have to say that I have never had sex, neither before, nor after surgery. So, I don’t know what that’s like and cannot talk about that. Though, because I finally have the right genitals that I am comfortable with, it certainly is much more of a possibility now. That is if I was in a serious relationship. But anyway, I am going to discuss how everything worked down there, before hormones, while taking hormones, and post surgery.


So, the first time I masturbated was pre-hormones and pre-puberty. I had to have been around 10 or 11. I have no idea how it started. When I had an orgasm, and since it was pre-puberty, there was no ejaculation. So, I was able to continually, in the same session, keep having orgasms. I remember saying just how weird it was. It wasn’t necessarily a good feeling, but it just felt weird to me.

Once puberty started to kick in, the male sex drive becomes astronomical. It’s just practically non-stop sexual thoughts. For me, going several days without masturbation was very difficult. Stopping was impossible. For a piece of information, the body continues to produce sperm, which has to be expelled. And when you don’t ejaculate, it can end up happening when you are sleeping, which is gross. Also, the ejaculation is what makes it impossible to keep having orgasms. The only way to achieve multiple orgasms as a male that ejaculates is to stop the ejaculation. That is possible, though can be difficult since you have to train the body for such a task.

There is a myth that masturbation causes acne. That is technically false. It is male ejaculation that can lead to acne and hair loss. Here’s why, after male ejaculation, dihydrotestosterone, or DHT, is produced in the prostate. Too much DHT in the system causes many issues like hair loss, acne, and benign enlargement of the prostate. This means that ejaculation is linked to higher DHT levels, which is linked to hair loss and acne. But, this does not affect every male. So the myth, while technically false, is true in a way. Masturbation by itself will not cause acne, but male ejaculation will for some. Though, as I said, it is possible to masturbate and orgasm without ejaculation. But, it has to happen eventually since the testicles continually produce sperm.

So, I had all these problems from my DHT levels being too high. I had the severe hair loss and acne. Plus, I would get a burning and swelling sensations in the prostate. All this if I ejaculated too frequently. When I managed to stop for about two weeks, I noticed that after the first week, the acne and prostate problems would begin to go away. But, within three days after ejaculating, it came back.

I also had so much hatred towards myself after I did this, which I believe could also have been hormonal. Prior to puberty, I had no regrets about doing it, but once I was able to ejaculate, and thus higher testosterone levels, I hated myself for doing it. Saying, “Why did I do this? I’m never doing it again.” Yet, after a few days I did it again because the urge started to kick in. I absolutely hated it and hated myself for doing it.

On Hormones

When I began taking hormones, everything turned around. [Hormones] After a few months on them, I was no longer able to ejaculate. And the DHT levels decreased, so no more acne, hair loss, or burning prostate. Plus, the regret I had when masturbating was gone. Even though having a penis was unnatural at that point since I felt and looked feminine besides that part of my body, I no longer had regrets about masturbation. It no longer felt like a chore, a chore that was messy and gross due to ejaculation.

Instead, I was actually able to enjoy it whenever I did it. Which by the way, was much less frequently. It went from a few times a week to every six weeks or so, if that. I could’ve done it more if I really wanted, but I didn’t need to. That was the beauty of it, that I was in control of my sex drive versus my sex drive controlling me. Just because I have no sex drive, doesn’t mean that I am unable to masturbate and orgasm.

It wasn’t really any more difficult to achieve orgasm when on hormones, though the penis was a lot more sensitive which caused some pain when it was erect. But other than that, everything was just fine.

After SRS

After surgery, things changed a lot, as they should since you’re converting your penis into a vagina. The surgeon retains the tip of the penis to be used as the clitoris to keep the erotic sensation intact. There are risks and complications that can occur and you may find it very difficult or impossible to orgasm. For me, I didn’t care. It was worth any risk so I could have the right parts down there.

So, I attempted masturbation a few times after surgery, but it often resulted in pain and bleeding. Also, since the area was very swollen, getting aroused made it even more so, which was very painful early on. My first orgasm post-op was about 12 weeks, or about three months. That was the longest time I had gone without having an orgasm.

Since the area was still very numb and sensitive, it was a challenge, but I kept at it. At that stage, the clitoris was off limits. It was so sensitive that it was very painful and irritating to touch directly. Not only that, but I had and still have these really funky bumps around the area that are irritating to touch. It should be fixed during my revision surgery though. Anyway, the only way I was able to achieve orgasm was by being rather vicious. I just slapped everything all around down there and before you know it, I had an orgasm.

The sensation was so weird and different. Many people seem to compare it to the first orgasm they ever had. No, there is no comparison at all for me. First off, it hurt. Mainly because the area was swelling up. Other than the pain, I didn’t really feel the contractions associated with orgasm. Either I couldn’t feel it, or it wasn’t back to normal yet. I just felt this really intense tingling sensation all around the clitoris area. And, I really didn’t like it.

A few days later I did it again. It didn’t take long. There was no pain this time. But, I still didn’t really care for it. It can be very difficult to do at times. Especially when your mind begins to wander. You have to be in the right mindset since when your mind wanders, it is practically impossible. Sometimes I would start to fall asleep in the middle of doing it. There were also plenty of times that I would wake up in the morning about to have an orgasm from a dream, but it never happened. I think because I stopped it when I woke up because I was scared.

During this whole phase where I didn’t really like it, some really funky things started happening. I had many dreams about having sex with women, as if I was a guy with a penis. Let me tell ya, I’ve never had sexual dreams with another person before. But, after surgery, in my dreams, I have a penis, and am having sex with women. Not only that, but when I had dreams where I was a female with a vagina, I was having sex with guys, more than one at times. As someone who is gay and not attracted to men, I didn’t get this.

But, I think most of it was from the lack of orgasm and perhaps disappointment I had with not being able to orgasm the same way. I didn’t like it anymore, but I saw past that since I didn’t get the surgery for that reason. Though, I began to develop a desire to have sex with men for some reason, even though I am not attracted to them. I ignored it and suppressed which made it turn into something it shouldn’t have.

Another thing I should mention, I have never used any vibrator or sex toys after surgery. So, I cannot answer questions regarding this. Another interesting thing to bring up is that I’ve heard a lot of mixed views regarding lubrication being produced when aroused. It seems like some people can produce lubrication, and others cannot. Let me tell ya, the first time I attempted masturbation there was a lot. When I noticed this I began laughing hysterically. Also, the area gets very swollen when aroused. So much to the point where you can’t even see the opening.


Being at about the seven-month mark now, things have improved greatly. The clitoris is much less sensitive now and I can touch it without much discomfort, but usually I do not. It is getting more enjoyable now. I have much more sensation, and I can feel the contractions now, whereas early I couldn’t. With that being said, I can only imagine it improving even more. But, I still don’t really do it all that much now. So, I will make an update at the one-year mark to update you all on how things are. [1 Year Post-op] Thanks for watching!

Additional Info

This video is all about how things sexually changed before hormones, while taking hormones, and after surgery. I’m very open about sexuality, especially after transitioning. I never was prior to transitioning, couldn’t have even dared hint at any of these things. But, I feel like I can now which is nothing to be ashamed of!

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