Rui and I decided to break up due to a variety of issues that were going on, mostly due to communication. But from that experience, we managed to overcome that fear of communication and actually talk about how we truly felt. So, in a way, we passed the test and succeeded with communicating properly. We are still close friends and I’m thankful each day for him!

The incident that we were referring to, while not mentioned in the video, was regarding paranormal phenomena that I experienced in his apartment. In the evening, I felt something dark in a specific room, and I didn’t know how to control those visions and feelings.

Be sure to check out his YouTube channel, and all the videos we did together:
A Day with Rui
Meet My Boyfriend
Boyfriend Q&A

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Darkskies Music
Darkskies Music

My wife and I have been married since 1995 after meeting on the early part of February and our relationship has become the most amazing relationship we’ve ever had. Our secret to our marriage is open and clear communication. I am bipolar and have anxiety disorder that has forced me to retire from a successful and lucrative career as a Information technology professional with the State of Nevada. My wife has always been supporting me with my mental health problems. I understand the relationship between someone who doesn’t have any confidence in speaking with people honestly and nonjudgmental is the… Read more »

Alexis Gurney
Alexis Gurney

I wish you both the best. I have no personal wisdom to impart, but as a ‘stay friends’ type myself, I think that it will work for you.

Bad Girl
Bad Girl

*makes both of them a sandwich*