On August 2nd at 7pm Eastern Time, I had a live stream about the eternal cycle of life. The cycle of life affects all of us, as we repeat our history and what we went through when we were younger. Trauma is the prime example because it will continuously happen until one overcomes it.

It went wonderfully and there were many questions to answer, all of which were thought provoking. Thank you to everyone who joined!

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Robert Moulds
Robert Moulds
April 28, 2019 6:30 PM

This is off topic but I read a book by Reza Aslan a Persian/American scholar who teaches in Harvard called Zealot the untold story of Jesus. He writes of life and times of Jesus that he could have brother named James and was a militant Jewish Nationalist who wanted the Romans out of Judea now Israel/Palestine. Incidentally Palestine was name that Judea was given after the Roman armies commanded by general Titus defeated rebellion years after Jesus death. Jesus was sold as pacifist by early Christians after empire Constantine made Christianity the official religion of the empire. Reza argument is… Read more »