As human beings, we ponder the meaning of our existence, what happens after we die, is there a God or higher power, or is there nothing at all. We are not settled until we have an answer within our mind. We all have different beliefs and theories to answer these questions. Yet, humans are incapable of truly understanding the meaning behind their actions and the larger picture at play that is in charge of all of us, creating the illusion of reality and free will. We search for meaning, where the is none. We seek answers, where there are no answers we can comprehend. We try so hard to do what we feel is right, when it could have the complete opposite effect.

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Humans strive to find their purpose, trying to find where they belong in this world. They seek answers to this world, and when they think they have them, they believe they are the only ones who have this knowledge, and that it’s the universal truth. They feel superior to others around them who lack this knowledge. Yet, these people actually have no understanding of this information themselves. Humans think they can become God by controlling and understanding every aspect of this world, yet are at a total loss of the greater picture. By becoming God, humans think they can dominate all that is under them, yet are physically, mentally, and spiritually incapable of becoming any more than they already are.

Woman sitting alone near the sea, relaxing and thinking about the meaning of life

In life, we tend to have two choices. Two sides of the same coin. But who is the one flipping the coin? Why are they flipping it? And furthermore, are there external sources influencing the one flipping it? Is there cheating or illusion involved with even that? There is indeed someone who flips the coin, and even deeper, someone who controls that individual who flips it, and so on, and so on.


The illusion of choice. This is a choice that leads to a one sided outcome. One side is brainwashing, the other is the opposition and exposing the brainwashing. But, what is beyond that? What goes deeper than just this black and white scenario? The black and white choices exist specifically to cover up and hide the real source of what is happening behind the scenes. While both black and white choices can expose some of the truth of this physical domain existence here on this planet, they are mere illusions to hide what is really going on by segregating and causing conflict. This is intentional to shield people from realizing the world they live in, which is completely manufactured.

This experiment, run by powers beyond our control and comprehension, is intended to get a better understanding of the world, how people developed into what this power is now, and to ultimately see if the experiment can be replicated yet again. An endless cycle of creation to analyze and get a deeper meaning. God is us, and we are God, but not in the way we perceive it. For you see, God is but an illusion created by humans. We may define it as a supreme being that knows all and sees all. This is only partially accurate as we ourselves are an aspect of God, created with the intended purpose of living out this life to gather insight of diversity via the human ego and consciousness.

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To put it simply, the human experience, or rather, life in general, is predetermined before it ever existed. We carry out our lives in accordance to what has been put before us. We repeat our lives over and over again, eternally, yet with no knowledge of the repeating history of this world, and cyclical nature of the universe. If life is in a predetermined state, why do so many humans believe they have free will? And if the universe repeats itself again and again, why do we have no memory of each recurrence?

Light at end of the tunnel. Way to freedom or to heaven. Opened door from underground or grave. Hope metaphor.

This predetermined life we live in, carried out like an experiment, is nothing more than an illusion of the mind. Free will is nothing more than an illusion by the human ego. Humans feel threatened knowing that all their choices in life, past, present, and future are in a predetermined state. Yet, this is nothing more than the ego talking, which exists to give humans individuality and uniqueness, despite the collective that we all belong to, the unification of consciousness.

The unification of consciousness, called the collective unconscious, is our origin, what we are at the deepest level. We all belong to this singular conscious, the collective unconscious. Since ancient times, people have have been aware of the collective unconscious. But in modern times, technology has replaced people’s awareness. While humans still belong to the collective unconscious and are essentially one, many still feel alone in this world. However, this is understandable after all since the human mind, while holding limitless potential, cannot comprehend more than it was put here for. It’s true purpose was to create a sense of self and free will. But, the sense of self is nothing more than an illusion created by the ego to diversify the collective unconscious and experience individuality.


Our existence is more than the physical domain our body reside in. We exist in both the physical and non-physical domains. The physical domain consists of all matter that makes up this universe. Matter is anything that takes up space and has mass. Additionally the three physical, spatial dimensions exist in the physical domain. These dimensions have been classified as length, width, and height, or the x, y, and z-coordinates. All three make up the physical realm of reality that we perceive. While other dimensions exist, we do not, and cannot, perceive them with our three dimensional bodies.

Ill woman lying in hospital bed, soul leaves body

The non-physical domain includes the consciousness, will, or spirit of the individual. Characteristics of an individual, their desires, and their true self all reside in the non-physical domain. This domain is not composed of any matter. Also distance cannot be calculated in the non-physical domain, so differences in points along the x, y, and z axes are insignificant. Anything that has a physical existence has a non-physical existence.

Death of the physical body is when the physical domain existence ceases to function. The non-physical existence remains. However, perception of the non-physical domain, often associated with various new age spiritual practices, meditation, spirit guides, higher self, angels, demons, and so on, connects us to a greater source of energy that God analyzes and is constantly observing via the collective unconscious and human consciousness that is attached to a physical body.

Bearers with coffin

Death of the physical body is often feared because human consciousness residing in the physical domain is afraid of the unknown. They are afraid of being alone, letting everything they have built during their time here in this physical domain fade away, and even afraid of what will happen to the people they have connected with on this physical plane of existence. Nevertheless, anything that is tangible, and is made of matter in this physical domain, will inevitably cease to exist. This includes the physical body where our consciousness resides. Humans fear death so much that they seek immortality via technological advancements. They think they can escape the fear of death by merging with their own creations, machines.

When our physical body dies, we have a choice of merging with the collective unconscious, or rejecting it. By merging with the collective unconscious, we share all our experiences with the power that has been observing us, what we call God. This power analyzes the wills to get a better understanding of diversity via different species, thoughts, and behaviors. By diversifying the source, God can come to understand what it truly means to be diverse. For you see, the power we call God is but one singular energy source. It is all, and it is nothing at the same time. It makes up all of us, yet has no diverse ego or set beliefs, hence why it analyzes us to experience life from alternate perspectives. There is no wrong way to experience life as each life is unique to experience what it was meant to for analysis by God.

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The realm that God resides in is one of absolute nothingness. Pure loneliness and isolation, where there exists nothing. Us humans are incapable of truly understanding this. Even when we feel alone and isolated, we still belong to the collective unconscious of diversified wills that God analyzes. We all belong and are connected, even if our mind tells us we are alone.

Our actions and ego determine our life. However, the human ego prevents us from understanding this world due to the fact that fear is instilled within us based on what is, or rather, what isn’t. To be devoid of everything, to have nothing, to be alone, living a life that we have no control over, is certainly a shock to the ego. Many people cannot wrap their head around it. This is why humans work towards a similar goal of unification. A union of mind, body, spirit, with oneself, others, animals, the entire world and everything in it. We are everything, and yet we are nothing at the same time.

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What happens if we reject the collective unconscious when our physical body dies? By rejecting this world, we contribute to an unstable and inconsistent flow of wills within the collective unconscious. Those familiar with spirits, or ghosts, know exactly the type of turmoil the consciousness is under to reject death, others, and the world. The spirits of the dead, unable to merge with the collective unconscious, are trapped in a state after death of the physical body. It’s only when these wills are at rest can they move on and accept their inevitable fate.

The ultimate thing to take away from this is that reality is what you make of it. Life is only as meaningless as you make it. If you think life is meaningless for you, then it is. But if you feel you have a purpose, then you have one. There is no wrong way to experience life. But in the grander scheme of things, the ultimate goal is the observation of diversified wills by God via the human ego and consciousness.


While the desired outcome of this world may seem bleak, we are intended to live each day to the fullest, learning and growing along the way. Whatever you do with your life is what is designed for you to do. Your life experiences, both positive and negative, are here to help you grow. The choices you make are yours and intended for you to learn more about yourself to live the best possible life you can for yourself.

In part two we will discuss alternate worlds and the eternal cycle of the universe.

I hope you found this information helpful. I am grateful for your support and sharing this information.

Additional Info

This was one of the most important topics I covered. Furthermore, there was even a flow if you spotted it! I had five topics to cover, and I did so in this order: Our Toxic World, Transgender Population Control Agenda, Transhumanism, and now this one (and part 2 to follow shortly). Do you spot it?

Regardless of if you do or not, I had to get this information out one way or another, which I feel was a huge success. I’m thankful for the knowledge I have to share. My knowledge has come from multiple sources, as well as tapping into my own mind and information that is accessible to me. There have been multiple situations and occurrences that have manifested in my life due to my desire to learn about this universe and how it operates. We all think we are right with our ideas, that’s the human ego after all. However, it’s all just theories. Us humans are limited with what we can do in this universe, and our ideas and desire to understand how we originated, function, and die are all from our observation. When we think we are right, we couldn’t be more wrong. We’ll never know, and if we did, the information would be out of our level of comprehension. Thus, those who think they know are clueless and letting their ego talk for them. Life has value and no value at the same time. We are important and not important at the same time. Duality is key. But, there exists so much more beyond that.

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Alexis Gurney
Alexis Gurney

Very thought provoking. I have not yet come to terms with existence precisely because it all seems so bizarre and inexplicable, often meaningless. I will bear your ideas in mind.

Gary Ingerson
Gary Ingerson

Hi Autumn, Very well done , and extremely thought out. You have touched upon the very question humans have been asking for all of known time. Is this all I am ? Is there nothing more ? And the one that scares people the most , what happens when we die ? As a person of faith and science it is known to me the human body does indeed take several hours to cease after the declaration of death. It is during these last few biological hours , the brain slowly loses it`s electrical connectivity or synapse reaction. As the… Read more »