Hi everyone! In this video I will be discussing how I got into makeup. Let me say that prior to transitioning, I had absolutely no interest in makeup. I never found it interesting or appealing. I never wore any makeup except occasionally putting on a little powder to cover the severe acne that I had. My family thought when I transitioned that I would look plain, and not wear any makeup. But, as you can see, that is far from the case.

When I transitioned, started living full-time, I first tried some of my grandmother’s eyeliner. She just uses this blue pencil liner. It was absolutely terrible. I kept jabbing myself in the eye, and they were all red and bloodshot. I couldn’t even keep them open. She uses petroleum jelly to remove makeup, so I did the same when I removed mine. That stuff got all in my eyes and I couldn’t see. I developed an absolute hatred towards makeup and said I would never do it again. But, I kept trying, and went out and got some of my own products. And now I have a lot of stuff!

Within two months my skills improved to the point where my family was like, “How did you do that?!” Everyone was impressed by my ability. It’s a way for me to express myself creatively.

I’ve even slept with my makeup on and if I lay on my back, it really doesn’t get messed up at all. Taking off the makeup is not too bad either. I use a makeup remover towelette that works well, but since I wear so much it takes some time, and I’m usually not able to get all the mascara off.

The interesting thing was that when I started, I never watched any tutorials. It was just doing my own thing combined with looking at photos. I got really into it and when I found my style, started experimenting even more. Anyone who has watched my videos can see that I like to experiment with all sorts of looks and styles.

I am very dramatic with my makeup and wear a lot of it. This is pretty much an everyday look for me. But, since I am a perfectionist, it takes a long time and can be very frustrating. It can take several hours, which is annoying, and I mess up a lot.

I’ll say that I’m not that great at subtle looks. I mostly prefer alternative, Goth, and theatrical makeup. So, I may not be able to help so much when it comes to basic makeup looks. But, I can certainly give some tips. I’m not an expert or professional, and do not claim to be, but it is something that I would love to share my experience. I will have many videos to come about makeup, including tutorials, and what products I use. If you have any suggestions for me, like what I should try to do, then please send it to me as I enjoy experimenting.

So, I’m going to go over some things I do with my makeup.

Starting with foundation or powder. I only use powder on my face. I am not a fan of liquid foundation and what it looks like. I also use concealer for the dark circles under my eyes, and other random spots that may be discolored.

The eyes, I always start with primer, which helps it last longer and be more vibrant. I generally just use eyeshadow combined with gel or liquid eyeliner. I’m sure you can tell that I have no eyebrows. Before people start asking me why I shave them, I’ll just answer it. Having no eyebrows gives me more of a canvas to work with. Also, I can style my eyebrows anyway I like. I can have them look normal, or with high arches, or like I’m angry. Not that I am, but they are generally the easiest to do. I like them all. Though, having no eyebrows can look freaky to some people, and some have said this to me. My family wasn’t too happy either, but have since gotten use to it.

With my lips, I do not wear lipstick that often. I’m not a huge fan of it. Though when I do, I use a dark red lipstick. And to make it darker, I combine it with other products. What I usually do is line it with black gel eyeliner using an angled brush. I create a bow since my lips do not naturally have one. I tend to create it sharp and people say it looks like a bat, which is really cool. After I am done tracing it, I fill it in with dark red lipstick and smudge it so it creates a gradient effect. Other times, I use purple eye shadow on my lips to give it a purple color.

So, that’s all for now. I will do various tutorials in the near future. If you would like to see me do any styles, please send them to me and I may make a video about it. Thanks for watching!

Additional Info

My first makeup related video is a simple introduction to how I got into makeup. I love makeup! I got into it in early 2012 and became an almost pro at it in no time. I love dark, dramatic makeup. For this video, I thought it was suitable to also be in full makeup, including lipstick. I was in a rather elated mood as well.

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