People have blindly trusted the mainstream media, not knowing their hidden agenda. Only recently people have started to question the validity of the news they hear on television and read online. But, the masses are still blinded by the mainstream that they refuse to acknowledge anything but what is fed to them.

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Mainstream news sources are those that are typically on television and online, that are extremely popular and endorsed by certainly political parties and also promote that political party. They are often all around us, as the trusted news source.

What purpose does the mainstream media have? Most think it’s accurate reporting of news, politics, and science, backed by fact checking to ensure a proper representation of the economy, politics, science, mental health, and diseases. In fact, many online fact checking services available today are in collusion with these very news organizations that promote the same agenda to spread lies to the masses.

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So what purpose does the news media actually possess? Why would they fabricate stories and lie to the public? Why aren’t they caught and held accountable? The answers go much deeper than it seems. Their purpose is to segregate, incite violence and propagate extreme activist movements, and promote an agenda of hatred. They work in collusion with certain political parties, medical science, and other government entities to promote their agenda of half-truths, essentially brainwashing people into believing that only one side exists and hide the other side. They instill cognitive dissonance and confirmation bias into their audience to lock rigid thinking into place.

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One reason they do this is for ratings. By creating clickbait headlines that have no basis in reality, they create a false narrative to get people riled up, wanting to take action and protest. Much of what they report is either entirely fabricated or half-truths. They may take a legitimate story, put a spin on it to fit their narrative to give their readers what they desire, hate filled propaganda that connects two or more points that aren’t even remotely related. A fraction of what they report is the truth, mostly because their own bias and hatred towards a political party, the president, or groups of people interferes with accurate reporting.

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The mainstream media is actually nothing more than puppets, controlled by organizations with much more power. They want to control the very reality we experience, so no other views can be expressed. They are setup to hide alternative views from the public, often the truth behind what they are lying about and covering up. It’s mind control without consent.

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They put subliminal messages into their programming that only the trained eye can spot. Can you spot them? Sex sells, so do you see sex imagery in the news and advertisements? What about two or more seemingly unrelated words strategically placed on screen or in an advertisement? What about text that you cannot see that scrolls at the bottom of the screen, or appears in the background? What about the things your mind hears when you are distracted on your phone? That too can be accepted by your mind without any conscious thought. Can you see what your mind is accepting without your consent? The vast majority cannot, and have become zombies that spout off the mainstream agenda.

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Another reason for the mainstream media is to profit off you, the viewer. Many news stations also pay to have their television station and website promoted and endorsed in popular locations and other popular sites, further increasing viewership to indoctrinate the masses into the brainwashed cult of lies and propaganda. They advertise to be publicly shown everywhere since they know the psychology of the human mind, that the more you see something, the more you’ll think of it, watch their news show, go to their website, and share their content. They may then endorse products that they receive commission on to create a bubble around the viewer so they only purchase and trust the news network.

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Did you know that in the United States, direct-to-consumer advertising of pharmaceutical drugs are permitted? This is banned everywhere in the world beside the United States and a very few other countries. This allows pharmaceutical manufacturers to advertise directly to you, the sick consumers, medication that will help your depression that is being caused by the very news station you are watching or reading. They cause you to feel upset, isolated and alone by giving you something to worry about, that is often played up. Then in the sidebar of the website is a remedy for what you are feeling, an antidepressant.

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It doesn’t end there, the news media is also paid huge amounts of money by pharmaceutical companies to advertise their products not only as commercials, but also to promote them in various news segments and articles. They tend to have a representative of the manufacturer who produces the drug, or someone from the CDC to promote the drug to sell more of them to the already brainwashed consumer that is suffering.

We see this heavily with antidepressants and cancer drugs. And, we also see in-depth coverage of the flu vaccine combined with scare tactics and falsified statistics of flu deaths to further promote the ineffective medication. Yet, the news media is silent when it comes to actual side effects, complications, or deaths that come when taking any of these drugs, which far exceeds the number of people it helps. None of these drugs resolve the problem it is intended to, but rather cause the very thing they are meant to prevent, or much worse, death of the individual or individuals around the one taking the medication.

They even go so far as to censor opposing views so the truth doesn’t get out. As well as falsifying and misrepresenting the opposing party as mentally unstable, insane, and/or a threat and enemy to the people and country. They will often find the most ridiculous thing to represent someone, often from years ago, which doesn’t currently reflect the individual or organization presently. It’s like taking the worst piece of work to represent the entire community as opposed to the truthful and accurate things the company has done.

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They focus on the small percentage of failure to represent an individual or organization as opposed to the larger picture of success the person or organization has accomplished. This ultimately comes down to the bias of the writer, and their own negativity and hatred they have towards themselves, only being able to see failure in others. This false representation of the individual and organization is to keep the brainwashed viewer or reader in the trance of hating the opposition.

So what can you do then to snap out of the trance the mainstream media has put on you. As difficult as it may seem, the real way is to question everything. The spell the mainstream media has on the vast majority limits free thinking and questioning, so by limiting your exposure to their propaganda and questioning, you’ll be able to research and look at alternative perspectives on the same issue.

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Almost all of the mainstream media is one sided. They are biased. They don’t express unique perspectives or alternative views. But rather, all the same. And thus, the more you see of them projecting this false information, the more you’ll accept it unless you question and look at alternative news sources that are independent and not affiliated with any government entity. They don’t want you to look at the other side. But when you do, it’ll be difficult believing that all this time you’ve been lied to. The state of cognitive dissonance may deter you from looking further, but keep looking and seeking out the truth. Only you can determine what is your reality. The news media you consume shouldn’t have any control over you.

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