I’m thrilled that I finally have an amazing person in my life. Rui is also a transgender person, being a female to male. We share something that I’ve never experienced before. All previous attractions and relationships have always been very intense and then faded rapidly. This one is slow and steady, which is ideal. The feeling is so much different from those other people as well.

We meet in June of 2017, the day before he started testosterone and became close friends. I always felt comfortable around him. It was an amazing feeling actually since I didn’t fully understand it myself. As time went on, we both developed romantic feelings for one another. I wasn’t too sure if I was going to allow them since I was so strict with who I would consider dating. But, I put those things aside, rationalized how I was truly feeling, and realized that I indeed was interested in him. It took some time to fully understand, but I took the chance and am thrilled I did.

I am so happy with Rui, and am glad that we were able to meet. The timing was perfect, and I know it wasn’t a coincidence. Rather, this was intended to happen, and all previous relationships existed to allow us to grow and learn to be ready for one another. We’ve both learned so much from one another, and I am grateful each and every day that we know one another. He brings new perspectives into my life that I never considered before. He has allowed me to be more open and expressive with my thoughts and emotions, even sharing my love.

The first two weeks in our relationship, I was still so shocked by what had happened. I was thinking, “Is this real? Do I really have a loving partner now?” It was confusing for me since I had no idea how to proceed since I’ve never been in a serious relationship before. Rui was the first every person who has told me he loved me, and I felt so much happiness! No one has ever told me this (besides family of course). The love that I have for him grows stronger each day, and I’m becoming more confident around him, being able to express myself even more freely.

I am truly grateful that we met, I am thankful for his love and compassion, and I thank the universe each day that we can learn and grow together, This is what I’ve always wanted in my life, and it’s finally here. Thank you! 💖

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