Happy new year to you all. Welcome to 2018. I first want to thank you so much for all the support you’ve given me over the years. I’ve been making content for almost five years now and I’m so thankful that I have the most loyal, dedicated, determined, open minded, and free thinking followers.

I’ve built my YouTube channel with the sole purpose of spreading positive, educational information to help others overcome major struggles in their life. I’ve managed to help so many people in this process. And, I have expanded to multiple YouTube channels with different forms of content, collaborations and discussions with others, a website, newsletter, meditations, and all types of informative videos. The catalog of videos I’ve built over the years is something I look at with pride and happiness, knowing that each and every one of them has been beneficial to others in some way.

Despite negativity that I hear on a daily basis, such as personal attacks, misrepresentation of my ideas, beliefs, and words, and any other vulgar remarks directed at me, this is minuscule compared to the positivity you’ve all given me. So thank you because I would not be able to continue doing what I love without all of you. And to my supporters on Patreon, an extra special thank you because your support has allowed me to have an additional source of income to financially make this possible. Even though I’m still working hard at achieving my goals, I believe that hard work pays off and I’m getting to where I need to be.

With that being said, 2017 brought significant financial decline, mostly due to YouTube demonetization. Videos that are advertiser friendly are marked “not suitable.” Many new videos I publish don’t reach my loyal audience who have said they haven’t seen anything from me in months to a year. This even carries over to my Facebook page. It’s very upsetting knowing that these social media sites are preventing people from accessing information that could benefit them tremendously. That’s why it’s so important to share my videos and articles with your family and friends, and share it so new people can find it.

I’ve grown a lot in 2017. If you are familiar with chakras, then 2017 was the focus of my throat chakra. I’ve experienced major changes in my life starting at the root chakra, going up to the heart chakra, and this energy is now in my throat. The ability to speak up and make my voice heard, even with controversial beliefs that I know many people will disagree with me on.

It’s been terrifying, my body filled with anxiety, trembling, heart beating so hard and fast that I was about to pass out, but I did it, and I prevailed. Not only have I done it on the Internet world, but also the physical world we reside in. Speaking up in front of a crowd, letting my ideas be heard, even if people may perceive them as controversial or even discriminatory. That’s never my intention. I always put the intention of spreading awareness and allowing people to question the reality of the world they reside in with everything I post. Question and contemplate things that you never thought were possible. I will speak up and make my voice heard.

I’ll admit that I can get a bit more agitated and reply to people like I know all the answers. But, I know deep down that it’s all a learning opportunity for me. I’m not right all the time, and I don’t claim to be. I know I’m certainly wrong about some of the information I put out, but the intention is to always spread awareness, lessen stigma, allow people to wake up to what is going on in the world so they can form their own ideas and think freely with insight and knowledge.

I do not buy into brainwashing or cults, and I don’t want to give that impression. So never fully trust or rely on me for accurate information. Do your own research and come to your own conclusion. My ultimate goal is to allow you to become aware of the world around you so you can think for yourself and not be brainwashed by the subliminal mind-control tactics that are used in news media and various activist movements. It’s the greatest thing to see you thinking for yourself. If I say something you disagree with, speak up and let your voice be heard. Have a civil debate with mutual understanding.

This year I also experimented with a new video format of just my narration over animated images. I hope you have enjoyed the first run of these, because I have so many more ideas for them coming soon. Future topics include the scams of modern medicine and the suppression of alternative and natural remedies. The reasons why we exist. And conspiracy theories, which aren’t actually conspiracy theories when you piece together the information that is publicly available. I am so excited about these. And you will enjoy these videos and information. Some of you may strongly disagree, so make your voice heard. But I know this will benefit many people to actually heal themselves instead of being dependent on the medical system and drugged for the rest of their life. You can overcome anything you put your mind to!

And finally, the end of 2017 also brought about a new venture for me, that may end up becoming a priority. This is one-on-one counseling. I have setup a service that I can have a session with you, listen to anything you want to discuss and your problems, and offer my advice. Of course I would love to do this for free, but it’s not possible because of the amount of time I am dedicating to each person. I’ve already made a difference in those who have come to see me. And, I am so thankful I’ve been able to help them. If you are interested, I will be making a dedicated video about it sometime in the near future with more information.

My plans for 2018 are to continue to grow this counseling platform and help people on a personal level. This may become full-time for me, which then I would unfortunately have to say goodbye to making videos and articles. That’s still a passion of mine, so I would still make the time for it and I would still make the content, but it wouldn’t be as frequent.

Another big plan is my website. I am redesigning it from the ground up. If it’s not done by January 1st, 2018, then expect it very soon. I’ve been hard at work on it and am so happy with it. I encourage you to follow me on my website by signing up to my free email newsletter. This will notify you whenever I release new content, and it won’t be censored by YouTube. Also please consider visiting my site because it is starting to become the primary source of releasing new content. I release content on there usually a week before I do on YouTube. I am also more likely to see your comment and reply back to you on my website. And furthermore, my website cannot be censored by YouTube’s faulty algorithms that are run by unintelligent robots.

However you support me, I am truly grateful. Keep pushing through because you are a strong person. Thank you and have a wonderful day!

Additional Info

2017 has been an amazing year of progress. I’ve accomplished so much. So much personal growth in one year! I love this time of year as it gives me a chance to reflect back on my accomplishments and see where my life is headed. So far for 2018 I have multiple things setup that I will continue working on. I’m so excited about these and want to see them prevail.

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