I reached out to Devii so she could share her story about having dissociative identity disorder. I found her videos around the time I started making content on YouTube. But, she took a break when she got pregnant and had a child. When she returned, and mentioned that she needed a break due to negativity she heard online about having a mental disorder and having a child, I had to reach out because I can relate to hearing negativity from others, claiming things that aren’t my reality.

We had a great conversation, and I think it was encouraging to many others. I’m thankful she could join me and we could have this discussion.

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Joy Vena
Joy Vena

Hi Autumn! I enjoyed your live stream! I just want to say how proud I am of you! You have come not over the mountain, but through it! I was wondering what the name of the book you talked about in the live stream? Thanks Have a Blessed Day!

Reina Wilson
Reina Wilson

Hello! I really don’t know how to ask this… But here goes. I have DID I’m not exactly sure when it started… But I began to take notice about a year ago. Most of my close friends know about this, the thing is, is that the symptoms? Idk what to call it have been getting worse. I have tried to find ways to contact you more privately but well… There wasn’t so. Anywho I wanted to ask the question if having recurring dissociative episodes were common, and how to tell my family I have it without sounding like I’m desperate… Read more »