Alcohol is one of the most dangerous substances humans consume, and yet it’s socially accepted in many parts of the world.

Alcoholism, alcohol, alcoholic.

If you don’t do it when going to parties, you are “uncool” and people consider you an outcast. In fact, many teen, and especially college, parties consists of this very toxic substance. People can’t seem to have a good time without it. Dependency is extremely high, as are people using “I was drunk” as an excuse.

Pretty friends drinking shots together

Not to also mention the number of deaths this substance has caused, directly (eg. alcohol poisoning) and indirectly (eg. drunk driving). Responsible people are also hard to come by. It’s so sad to see the damage this substance causes to so many people.


Alcohol breaks down in the body to acetaldehyde, which is carcinogenic. Alcohol damages the body physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. The reason it is “legal” and yet other substances that are less harmful aren’t is primarily because there is big money to be made with alcohol. These stores and bars are strategically placed in locations to draw in the crowd, especially youth, to generate a profit off the cheap thrills this substance provides.

Barman with whiskey glass and money in his hands.

Additional Info

It is astonishing that alcohol is legal, and socially accepted, despite that it has little to no benefit. The claimed ‘benefits’ of alcohol, especially of wine, can all be easily obtained from other sources, without the negative aspect of what this substance does. I have strongly opposed alcohol for a long time. However, I have also used it during a time I was extremely depressed and going through a lot. The taste of it was extremely disgusting, which is why I had to dilute it in juice. I don’t know how much or the frequency I used, but it was used to get away from my problems. I think many people use it for the same reason which only hurts more. Whenever I drank it in the evening, I couldn’t sleep at night, or rather I couldn’t enter into a deep sleep and kept waking up. Also, it was like a placebo effect for me, I could snap myself out of the feeling it gave me. The only alcohol I drink now is in kombucha, which has a trivial amount. That is the key, a small amount on rare occasions, but going week after week, chronic exposure, will do some serious harm, especially if the intention is ‘fun.’

It makes no sense why people use this toxic chemical. It’s not fun, but gives a false illusion of fun. People can’t ‘party’ without it, and the negative energy that is emitted from the alcohol as well as anyone who consumes it brings me down to such a degree that I can’t stand the sight, or thought, of it. Save your money for something actually healthy for you!

Regarding the video, this was the one I feel I did the best with! I learned the parallax effect / 2.5D, which can turn a still image into what looks like a video with motion. The parts you can notice this are with the girls, the second from the left is moving her head like she is about to drink, and then the last one with the bartender taking the money and sliding the drink forward. Looks amazing!

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E. Benjamin Roy
E. Benjamin Roy
April 28, 2019 6:23 PM

To not consume alcohol prior to one’s twenty first birthday is a rare, nearly unheard of thing in my little corner of “heaven”, but it does happen from time to time. Of course I wish I could say I was a part of that microscopic number, but alas I cannot, nor will I lie and proclaim myself to be some wholly (holy) pure individual of mind and body. Although I’ve been told by numerous doctors and specialists that my consumption (at one point could have given Hunter Thompson a run for his money) played little, if any role at all… Read more »

Milk Zombie
Milk Zombie
April 28, 2019 6:23 PM

Cool new video form! 🙂 Mini Autumn documentaries 😉 “The reason it is “legal” and yet other substances that are less harmful aren’t is primarily because there is big money to be made with alcohol.” I think you’ve said something similar before and I couldn’t agree more! I’m currently reading a book (Chasing the Scream: The First and Last Days of the War on Drugs) about the war on drugs, how it started in the US and got to impact the whole world (from drug dealers to drug users. Very interesting book). The book also said the same thing about… Read more »