Vaccines are such a hot topic. As flu season approaches, the flu vaccine is being heavily pushed, despite the fact that it’s the least most effective vaccine, and should definitely not be given to pregnant women. You can’t be for them without being attacked by the anti-vax crowd, and you can’t be against them without being attacked by the pro-vax crowd. I’m sure many of us have been fed the same information that vaccines are safe and effective, have been used for decades with no major problems, help prevent life-threatening diseases, and are “for the greater good.”

Injection of a vaccine
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There are a great deal of people that are pro-vax that have no idea how they work or the ingredients that are in them. And similar can be said for the anti-vax crowd in that they also don’t know how they work, or think it directly correlates with other disorders. The statements on both sides tend to be over exaggerated and people are gullible.

With that being said, many that are pro-vax are oblivious to the bigger picture. Armed with information, however, a discussion can go a long way. Many who blindly trust vaccines and their doctor simply don’t know about the possible side effects.

Did you know that vaccine injuries are real? The Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) is a clear example of this. Did you know that the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act (NCVIA), passed in 1986, prevents vaccine manufactures from being held liable for their own products they deem as “safe and effective?” What if a batch is contaminated? It’s not their problem, it’s yours.

Did you know that heavy metals are present in vaccines as a preservative (mercury) and to make them more effective (aluminum)? What about the other ingredients? Depending on what you consider ethical, this may come as a shock. Not only is animal DNA used to grow the viruses and injected into our bodies (monkey kidney, canine kidney, fetal bovine, chick embryo, guinea pig, etc.), but so is DNA from an aborted human fetus from the 1960s (WI-38 & MRC-5).

DNA background
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Did you also know that the SV40 virus, which is a cancer causing monkey virus, was discovered in the monkey kidney cells used to produce the polio vaccine. In the 50’s and 60’s, nearly ALL children and the majority of adults where given a contaminated polio vaccine containing the SV40 virus.

polio vaccination
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One of the most common pro-vax arguments is “herd immunity.” However, the theory of “herd immunity” is largely overplayed as it’s mostly a scare tactic to get more and more people vaccinated. To easily debunk it, people who are in their 30s and older had far less vaccines than the younger generation today are getting. Yet, they pose no increased risk of passing diseases that we are vaccinating for today. Also, many vaccines that we got as a child have more than likely worn off by the time we were an adult. They do not last more than a few years, let alone a lifetime, and yet we pose no risk of spreading diseases. And furthermore, even a 100% vaccine rate in a community can not totally prevent an illness in every person.

Current vaccines have also been contributing to the rise of allergies. How this works is exactly how the vaccine is intended to work. Our bodies build antibodies to the virus in the vaccine. The aluminum present in the vaccine encourages an immune response from our bodies. But, our bodies can also produce antibodies to the other ingredients present in the vaccine, thus leading to an immune response if we ingest one of those other ingredients…aka an allergy.

The best we can do is ask for informed consent. Whenever you or your child are about to get a vaccine, ask for the vaccine insert from your doctor and go over it with them, ask them about what the ingredients do, all the side effects that are possible from the vaccine, and do your research about the ingredients, side effects, and what you may expect after vaccination. Information is power, and the more informed we are and make wise choices, we will be making a difference.

young woman signing an informed consent
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