Hi everyone! There is no video as I’m sure you can tell. I wanted to fill you all in on a new style of video I’ll be working on, similar to this, but better. I am excellent at taking an idea and writing in detail about it. So, I wanted to not only have a post for that, but also a video. There are currently several posts on social media that I put a lot of time and effort into, with an image, well written information, and so on. I wanted to make these a video. If you follow my social media, then you probably know what I’m referring to, so expect more. The posts are currently backdated, so they will appear on YouTube out of order, but social media and my website will be older posts. The style of video will be audio with visuals. It will not replace my usual content, but be supplementary to it.

Please follow me on my social media accounts, Facebook, Twitter, Minds, if you want additional information about me and how to deal with modern problems and the corruption of our declining health for profit. I really need more followers on Minds since I have under 10. That would be great. And Twitter a little over a 100. Don’t know how to get them. If I was addicted to it, maybe then I’d have tons of followers. But, I don’t know. I don’t care the number of people, just as long as my message reaches people.

I want people to know that it’s possible to overcome any struggle, no matter what it is. I am so sick of hearing that we are born with disorders and that our minds are imbalanced, and the only way of coping with a disorder is medications that will never cure the problem. It is possible to overcome anything completely naturally. I am living proof of this. I’ve dealt with being transgender, mental struggles that may be defined as PTSD, schizoaffective disorder, dissociative disorders, and so on. I knew I could fight this, and I was determined, and I won, without any medications for a so-called chemical imbalance that doesn’t exist. And you can too which is why I am sharing this information.

I will be releasing information that shows we are being lied to and poisoned to cause health conditions, physical and mental, all to make a profit off us. The endless cycle of sickness caused by the environment, to medications being prescribed that cause more issues to mask the symptoms caused by the environmental toxins, to more meds to counteract the side effects of the already prescribed medications. This vicious cycle has to stop. So please join me to help stop this and spread awareness about natural healing mechanism and techniques. Not just through the use of natural products, since dependency of any kind, synthetic or natural, is not healthy. But, natural as in your own ability to overcome the problems. You can do this, we can do this. Join me and let’s spread awareness of personal growth and natural health.

Thank you! Expect more exciting information very soon.

Additional Info

This is the beginning of important information being released via audio and visuals, but not of me. I am very excited for this!

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Bad Girl
Bad Girl
April 28, 2019 6:23 PM

Your voice sounds REALLY sexy in this. <3